Who Attends WHINN

WHINN - Week of Health and INNovation is a healthcare and health innovative conference. A platform which attracts business people, decision makers, politicians, clinicians, end-users and people with general interest in healthcare and health innovation. 

Also we will provide an innovative exhibition area with a creative touch which will attract students around the world. 

Statements from attendees:

 'WHINN 2017 has turned out to become a very exciting event in a healthcare community context. The initiative WHINN has taken, gathering all the influencers in health IT, is a very interesting setup and we want to support it and we want to become a great part of WHINN'

Steffen Lerche, Managing Director, Cambio Healthcare Systems, Denmark


'WHINN is important because it enables a big tent and for everyone to have a voice and a seat at the table'

Alf Rehn, Keynote Speaker, professor and a part of Thinkers50, Finland


 'WHINN this year really presents a very innovative agenda with connected health, sustainable hospitals and valuebased health and care. and that is certainly very interesting for all of those stakeholders interested in the healthcare sector. Here we can learn from each other and I believe Denmark is leading the way with some really innovative approaches'

João Bocas, wearable expert, UK


Please read about why you should be an exhibitor/sponsor at WHINN.