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Platinum Sponsors

Cambio Healthcare Systems

Cambio Healthcare Systems is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of healthcare information systems and a growing player in the European market with just over 100,000 users across general and university hospitals, specialist units and outpatient units. Through the use of our integrated solutions, our customers provide services to 4 million patients.


Confederation of Danish Industry

The Confederation of Danish Industry – DI – is Denmark’s largest, most representative and most influential business and employers’ organisation, covering manufacturing as well as service industries across sectors such as transport, energy, IT, health, trade, and professional services.

We believe a strong society needs strong companies – just as strong companies benefit from a strong society. Companies are crucial to maintaining the prosperity of all Danes, and to achieving societal goals such as a clean and carbon neutral society. Therefore, DI is committed to achieving a Danish society in growth and balance.

DI’s mission is to help Danish companies win, both at home and abroad.

  • We negotiate collective agreements with the labour unions – a crucial function in the strong Danish labour market model – and we advise our members on labour and employment law.
  • We work to improve business regulation at local, national, European and international level in daily dialogue with national and international stakeholders.
  • We provide our members with numerous other services and a variety of relevant networks.

The success of Danish companies in global markets is crucial for Denmark’s economy. Exports account for more than one third of all Danish income.

Every day, DI helps Danish companies turn global opportunities into successful business results – locally, nationally and internationally.

DI has over 500 employees at our main office in Copenhagen, Denmark. Furthermore, we have offices in Brussels, Moscow, Mumbai, München, New York, Sao Paolo, Shanghai and Washington.  

DI. Denmark’s leading business organisation – with an international outlook.

Danish Regions

Danish Regions is the interest organisation for the five regions in Denmark

Danish Regions' overall mission is to safeguard the interests of the regions nationally as well as internationally.

The most important tasks of the organisation are:

  • to safeguard regional government interests within health care, hospitals, special education, regional development, environment and finances
  • to act as spokesman on behalf of the regions vis-à-vis national government, the EU, other interest organisations and the media
  • to negotiate the annual financial frames of the regions with national government
  • to negotiate pay and working conditions for regional employees as the regions' central employers and bargaining organisation

Danish Regions is run by a board of elected regional politicians from the five regions. The board is appointed for a four-year period, and reflects the political affinities of the 205 members of the five regional councils.

At the administrative level Danish Regions has a staff of 160 persons. The association is headed by the CEO.

EON Reality

EON Reality is the world leader in Virtual and Augmented Reality based knowledge transfer for industry and education.

We believe that knowledge is a Human Right, and it’s our goal to make knowledge available, affordable, and accessible for every human on the planet. To do this, we’re creating the next generation of Virtual and Augmented Reality tools to increase the world’s knowledge transfer capabilities.

ExorLive A/S

Description will follow

Gain & Co

The Gain & Co consultants have many years’ experience from the IT and robotic industries and they thrive to interconnect companies’ strategy, robot investment and digital infrastructure. Our mission is to strengthen companies’ automation level and competitiveness at the benefit of business life and society.

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care.

Our broad expertise in medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, performance improvement and performance solutions services help our customers to deliver better care to more people around the world at a lower cost. In addition, we partner with healthcare leaders, striving to leverage the global policy change necessary to implement a successful shift to sustainable healthcare systems.

Our "healthymagination" vision for the future invites the world to join us on our journey as we continuously develop innovations focused on reducing costs, increasing access and improving quality around the world.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, GE Healthcare is a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE). Worldwide, GE Healthcare employees are committed to serving healthcare professionals and their patients in more than 100 countries.

Gonio VR

The Gonio VR team was created in the light of what Jesper Aggergaard saw after years as a physiotherapist and owner of a physiotherapist clinic. There was reversal and universal problems during rehabilitation.

The SAAM Consortium – Supporting Active Ageing Through Multimodal Coaching

SAAM focuses on supporting Europe’s various ageing population to remain active and independent. Characterized by an unobtrusive ambient data collection, common hardware for sensing, and social circles as part of a multi-modal system. SAAM coaches in mobility, activity, social interaction and sleep. It assesses situations and autonomously decides rendering of suitable coaching actions through advanced data fusion, machine learning and decision support modelling. The project has received funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under GA 769661.


AB Handic Help

AB Handic Help offers products that help and increase the quality of life and independent living for people with special needs, from low tech to advanced welfare technology solutions. You will also find solutions for people with dementia. We have a wide range of communication aids; From single-message digital voice output to speech devices with synthetic speech. Also, we design sensory rooms based on your needs.


At Alcyon we believe that functionality, innovation and design go hand in hand in the hospital room. Our products are specialized medical chairs for different kinds of treatment and hospital beds developed by the world-leading manufacturer, LINET. At this years’ WHINN conference we focus on the benefits that come with implementing specialized hospital beds in the ICU.

We present the following concepts: Early Mobilization, Moving and Handling and Automatic Lateral Therapy with our ICU solution: Multicare bed with integrated Symbioso mattresses. Multicare was elected the market’s most IoT-ready hospital bed based on its ability to gather valuable data about e.g. patient weight.


AL Engineering has more than 15 years of experience in solving tasks in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical device industry.

We cooperate with subcontractors within the above industries.

Our core services include:

  • Project planning of pharmaceutical and industrial installations.
  • Qualification and validation tasks.
  • Production support.
  • GMP study of pharmaceutical process and utility ststems.
  • Audits or inspections.
  • Project management.

Over the years, we have established a stable customer based both nationally and internationally, including:

  • SPX A/S
  • LEO Pharma A/S
  • Novo Nordisk A/S
  • Radiometer Medical ApS
  • Poul Johansen Maskiner A/S
  • Oticon A/S
  • AJ Vaccines A/S


DigiRehab is a unique digital exercise tool aimed at elderly citizens with homecare assistance. The intelligent and personally based exercise programmes increase the citizens’ self-reliance and reduce their need for homecare.

DigiRehab is used by homecare providers in Denmark, Norway and Iceland

Digital Jersey

Think Digital Think Jersey

Digital Jersey is the government-backed economic development agency and industry association dedicated to the growth of the digital sector. We work to upskill the Island’s workforce, create new digital jobs, help companies to increase their productivity, and develop strategies to make Jersey a world-leading base for digital innovation.


The Robots Guides Clients in Correct Medication

The Evondos service ensures a high standard of pharmacotherapy by guiding homecare clients in always taking the correct medicine in the prescribed dose at the right time. The service uses mechanical dose distribution sachets provided by a pharmacy, reading the time for administering medication from the dose sachet text field and operating accordingly.

The Evondos service is compatible with all mechanical dose dispensing sachets.

The robot provides guidance in taking medications, both by issuing spoken instructions and sound signals, and by displaying written instructions on the device screen with indicator lights. See video of robot in action.

If the client fails to take a dose for any reason, then the robot moves the untaken dose into a locked medicine container to avoid compromising medication safety. The robot notifies the care organisation of the incident and an entry is also made in the system log. Only care staff may access the contents of the locked medicine container.

The care organisation and care staff may monitor the progress of pharmacotherapy in real time from the control system, and also remotely using a mobile phone application. Relatives may also be granted access to this information.

Gloria Mundi Care

Gloria Mundi Care is a Danish company selling assistive devices for disabled and elderly people. Our mission is to find welfare technologies which non-medically promotes a high quality of life combined with a high regard for the design of the product in order to reduce the stigma of using an assistive device.

At our stand we will present the MOWOOT Belt that non-medically stimulates the intestinal transit in a natural way for persons suffering from constipation, The Path Finder that assist persons suffering from Parkinsons, the BLUEREO sonic Toothbrush with suction that has been developed for caretakers in nursing homes etc. and several prize award winning sensory technologies: The CRDL, the inmuRELAX etc.


When it comes to the preventive efforts in relation to people suffering from mental challenges and disabilities, Konfront´s thinking is new and innovative.

We regard the technology as a crucial and up to date aid while simultaneously being an important tool in our work to increase and improve on mental health challenges.

We have therefore created a digital platform in which already existing theory with strong academic evidence – namely the cognitive behavioral therapy – is combined with Virtual Reality.

In Phase 1, Konfront focusses on creating a tool for early intervention in regard to individuals living with anxiety symptoms.

However, there are already several focus areas in the pipeline. Including anger management, self-esteem, PTSD and presentation techniques.


Life-Partners has developed Life-Manager; a digital communication platform that helps citizens in Social & Health for an easy and coping of everyday life. Life-Manager also helps to create and maintain close relationships; not only to employees, but also to friends and family through safe, secure and flexible communication.

Through effective, flexible and qualitative communication and planning Life-Manager helps professionals to be more efficient, having a better overview and easier ways to share knowledge.

Life Partners' motto is It must be easy to succeed and therefore we create results! We make it through effective and value-creating cooperation with the individual customer and municipality's goals, strategies and focus areas as a starting point. Life-Partners works with inspiration models and different methods for implementing change processes and organizational development as well as the actual task solution. In addition, we have developed tailor-made tools and solutions that we use in the individual case.​


The Mini Crosser is made in Scandinavia, specifically for Nordic Conditions. It is the best-selling electric scooter in Northern Europe. We supply a comprehensive range of scooters and accessories. 
The features that set the Mini Crosser apart arefunctionality, strength, comfort, durability, safety and value for money. With the Mini Crosser’s adaptability and huge range of accessories, it is suitable for all types of users, adults as well for children.

In our experience, adaptability and flexibility are important factors for many users, especially those with arthritis, muscular atrophy, MS, back pain etc.

Over time, a user may require alterations such as a different accelerator control, a larger seat, extra support, electric add-ons and other accessories. With the Mini Crosser, you have a safe and secure future.
  • We deliver and produce quality aids and services for the health sector, the disabled and the elderly.
  • We adapt our service to the customer’s needs.
  • We have our own development and production departments that create possibilities for users to participate on a social level.
  • We focus on attractive design and functionality based on the Scandinavian ethos of innovation.

New Icon

NewIcon has specializes in professional medical solutions for hospital pharmacies, private pharmacies and home care.

Automated medical solutions include, for example, robots for storage and retrieval of medicines, electronic medicine cabinets, all solutions leading to bigger safety around about medicine handling for the benefit of healthcare professionals and the patient.


Sectra – Imaging IT solutions

At Sectra, we work toward a vision of patient-centered care where images and data follow each of your patients during their care journey—smoothly, efficiently, and with no organizational structures and IT systems getting in the way.

With over 25 years of innovation and more than 1,800 installations, we’ve been turning that vision into reality for our customers and their patients around the world. Our experience in radiology has paved the way to deliver enterprise solutions that consolidate image handling and maintain clinical workflow efficiency in some of the costliest, most image- and resource-intense departments, including mammography, pathology, and orthopedics.

Skaroe Ice

Vision, development, nature and man!

We use the ingredients of nature in the development of our products and do not compromise with our raw ingredients.
We are constantly on the hunt for the very best ingredients that bring out the honest taste.


Sundhedskommunikation specialises in health care communication and aims at providing motivation and inspiration through our solutions.

The company is owned and operated by Line Gade, who has +20 years of experience in communications, PR and change work.

The company was founded in 2014 and began publishing the podcast Sundhedsvisioner/HealthVisions in 2018.

Sundhedskommunikation works for:

  • More individually tailored citizen and patient treatment and less one-size-fits-all
  • Increased sharing of knowledge between sectors and individuals
  • Increased focus on the primary purpose and the difference the client makes (the WHY factor)
  • Improved communication with and between society and citizens/patients

Sundhedskommunikation publishes the Podcast Sundhedsvisioner/HealthVisions, where you meet cool, future-oriented, constructive and passionate people who are leading the way to the future of health and social services.

Listen to new ways of working and organizing, new medicine, life science, technology and use of data. All contributors want to contribute fiercely with their at times hard-bought experiences and to make a difference. Listen and gain new insights and valuable knowledge. Line Gade is the host and founder.

Subscribe and listen via Apple Podcast, Android, Rss or Spotify or visit sundhedskommunikation.com to learn more about the podcast.

TakeAWalk VR

By combining the best products to make a 3D / VR / AR / STILLS / VIDEO AND MUCH MORE. We are all in a dish that does not taste like anything else. Our salt and pepper is our passion and passion. Without these we are nothing. We are outstanding. Therefore, cities, regions and big brands trust us. We understand the customers' business and creative needs. We offer a solution that makes your first steps in this amazing new world as smooth as possible. We want all projects to create 'wow' moments, whether it's a consumer product or a B2B solution. 


Who is Vingmed | ViCare?

Vingmed | ViCare A/S supplies high-tech medical equipment to the Danish healthcare sector.

Together with our three sister companies in Vingmed AS (Norway), Vingmed AB (Sweden), and Vingmed OY (Finland), we are one of the Nordics largest sales organizations in advanced medical devices.

The company has provided the Danish hospitals with competitive and innovative products of high quality for more than 25 years.

Our basic values, TRUST, RESPECT and DECENCY, are supporting this, and are the cornerstone of everything we do.

Based on these three words, we work to build long-term and trusting relationships with our customers and suppliers, with open and honest dialogue, and emphasize the importance of taking responsibility.

We offer a unique service, that we work to maintain through continuous development of our own organization and our employees.

Wellness Nordic

Wellness Nordic works within assistive technology for cognitive and sensory stimulation for use in groups such as patients suffering from dementia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disturbances and brain damage. Within welfare technology we offer the Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair for rocking chair therapy and the Fiber Weight Duvet.

The Wellness Nordic Rocking Chair is an electric rocking chair. It has shown remarkable results in improving the psychological well-being of Citizens that expresses i.e. verbally agitated or aggressive behavior as seen within dementias or autism. High levels of arousal are reduced through the rocking chair therapy.

The Fiber Weight Duvet is a weight duvet characterized by a soft and enclosing feeling. This Weight duvet is useful for persons who want to combine the sensory stimulation of weight with the softness of a regular duvet. For both adults and children. Weight range 4-14 kg