Programme 2019
Preliminary programme with working titles

Digital Health

Description will follow

Home Based Healthcare

The track ’Home-based healthcare’ will focus on impacts of ICT on home healthcare services. You will discuss and learn from good practice usage of ICT on healthcare services and its potential transferability. Examples of good practice will include home monitoring, preventive measures and rehabilitation.

Robots, Drones and Automation

What is the status of the use of robotics and drones, within both Danish and global healthcare? Where is robotics headed and what do researchers, companies and industry experts point to as the central challenges to address in order to get there? This track on robotics and drones will seek to answer these questions, by drawing on industry and research perspectives, implementation in healthcare, as well as outlining legal and ethical issues.

Technology-ready Workforce

The track “Technology-ready workforce” is about how the workforce in the healthcare sector of today and especially of tomorrow is confronted with technology. We will discuss how technology affects the tasks and what this requires of the education of health professionals. You will also learn from good practice on how to ensure that the health professionals feel comfortable interacting with technology and changes in general