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HealthTech and Data driven innovation

HealthTech and Data driven innovation - the solution to our future challenges in healthcare?


Lars Frelle-Petersen
Stephanie Lose

Moderator: Lars Frelle-Petersen

Setting the frame - Introduction to a healthy HealthTech ecosystem: In recent years, we have seen a revolution within healthcare as a consequence of developments within digitalization and technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced data analysis and personal medicine. Combined with an increasing scrutiny of public healthcare expenditure and a healthcare sector facing an increasing amount of elderly and patients with chronical illness, this has put an increased focus on the possibilities of HealthTech within research, efficiency, quality and growth – hoping for the new technologies to be part of the future solutions to our challenges within healthcare.

What is needed in a healthy ecosystem? One step is a good overview of the Danish HealthTech ecosystem (Mini workshop):
How do we ensure a healthy HealthTech-ecosystem - benefitting citizens, patients and society in general? A HealthTech-ecosystem is foremost characterized by collaborations between HealthTech startups, knowledge institutions, strong facilitators, a well-established industry, investment funds as well as an accessible and dedicated healthcare system.

A step towards better and more fruitful collaborations within the HealthTech-ecosystem is first of all an overview over and easier access to relevant HealthTech-partners and stakeholders. This overview is about to be developed in a Danish context – but what is most important in doing so? In this mini workshop we discuss the most important elements when creating a useful overview of the Danish HealthTech-system. Take part, bring your needs, ideas and solutions!

The workshop will be structured as a 30min hands-on “drawing session” and a 15min wrap-up and discussion.   

How do we do it? - Collaborations moving HealthTech forward:

Responding to future healthcare challenges will depend on a closer network of public-private partnerships and international co-operation - because innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Governments, startups, universities and corporations all have their part to play by fostering a healthy HealthTech ecosystem.

Throughout the debate there will interaction with the audience and they will have the opportunity to put forward their questions for example through a digital tool like Slido.com or Menti.com or a physical “green” and “red” card.

  • How can all these actors work together to support this growth?
  • What are the barriers for collaborations?

What are the structures that need to be built to better future healthcare?

Lars Dahl Allerup
Lars Frelle-Petersen
Louise V. Thomsen
Stine Kruse

Being a startup, what is the key to your success and growth? And what are the challenges going from idea to product to actual scaling?

Martin Glesner
Nicolai Søndergaard Laugesen
Sarah Bach Munkholm