19 November
20 November
21 November
Healthcare services at home


Hasse Petersen

Home Based Healthcare

In these years, European primary healthcare settings and services are continuously being transformed throughout the usage of ICT. The session will address the role of ICT in acute nursing of patients at home, including good practices and lessons learned of municipal support of GPs with the acute unwell citizens by offering home support, observations and monitoring. The session will also provide examples of different usages of ICT for monitoring purposes and an inspiring take on the future of Home Based Healthcare.

Target group

  • Decision makers, nurses, therapists, general practitioners and consultants from the primary healthcare sector
  • Decision makers, clinicians, nurses, therapists and consultants from the hospitals with an interest in providing home-based healthcare services and the role of ICT in the primary health sector
  • Researchers from universities

Programme commitee

  • Hasse Petersen, Chief Consultant,  Joint municipal secretariat of healthcare politics and innovation, Region Zealand, Denmark
  • Katrine Schousbøll Leth, Development consultant, Centre for Health and Welfare Technology, City of Odense
  • Lea Bohn, Innovation Consultant, Center for Innovative Medical Technology, Odense University Hospital
  • Katrine Maruri Zorzabalbere, Event Consultant, Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, Region of Southern Denmark
  • Stine Haubro Falk, Chief consultant, The Department of the Elderly and Disabled, City of Odense


Opening remarks by the moderator
/ Jane Clemensen, Professor, Odense University Hospital

Acute nursing at home and the role of ICT
Setting the scene of where we are in terms of delivering healthcare services and the role of ICT within the primary sector
/ Rasmus Hjardem-Hansen, Municipal doctor and medical officer, Greve Municipality

Organizing and equipping acute home nursing
Cases on how acute nursing at home can be organized and equipped to offer home support, observations and monitoring, and perspectives on collaboration with an emergency department.

  • Case 1 | Nordfyn Municipality / Carsten Andreasen
  • Case 2 | Svendborg Municipality / Inger Futtrup Nordgreen
  • Case 3 | FAM Odense / Michael Hansen-Nord

Panel discussion


Jane Clemensen
Rasmus Hjardem-Hansen
Carsten Andreasen
Inger Futtrup Norgreen
Michael Hansen-Nord
  • Session introduction
    / Jane Clemensen, Professor, Odense University Hospital

  • The future of Home based Healthcare
    / Kevin Dean, Managing director, Smart Health Science 

  • A reality check - 2 cases on Using ICT at home 

  • Case 1 / Future patient - telerehabilitation of people with heart failure

    / Birthe Dinesen, Professor & Leder af Laboratoriet for Velfærdsteknologi
    - Telesundhed & Telerehabilitering, Aalborg University

  • Case 2 /Telemedicine for COPD-patients in Denmark
    – nationwide tender and development of it-infrastructure and it-solutions
    /Mette Harbo, Head of Digitalisation, Health and Care administration, The City of Copenhagen
Jane Clemensen
Kevin Dean
Birthe Dinesen
Mette Harbo