19 November
20 November
21 November
Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality in Healthcare


John Crawford

Digital Health

This year the Digital Health tracks two themes will focus on how technology is actively being used in relation to health services. The first theme is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – technologies which have transferred form hype over the disillusionment phase to now presently being applied in a number of areas within health care. We will explore its use in areas such as operation planning, rehabilitation, treatment and therapy as well as its function in health professional education.  The use of VR/AR is wide spread among all age groups and health areas such as dementia, brain damage, social anxiety and autism – and many more possibilities. The technology has matured and the increase in applying the technology is extensive where new knowledge and results is confirming its beneficial effects.

What can you expect to learn?
We will convey concrete cases, where technology is being used in education, planning, treatment and/or prevention in the health care sector.  Academics, health professionals using the technologies and health technologic developers are available to tell about current solutions. Furthermore there will be an opportunity to see and try different examples of technology, experiencing its use and effects.  

What can you learn from the track?
You will receive inspiration from different disciplines within the healthcare sector and their experiences in using technology in different aspects of health. Additionally you will gain insight into VR/AR’s potential and patient-centered devices for self-monitoring, as well as introduction to future solutions. You are welcome to participate in discussions on the ethical aspect in using technology in healthcare. The track is based on short presentations, interactive opportunities, show-cases of current solutions and meeting with experts working in their field of technology.

Target Group
The target group is for everyone interested in using and gaining benefits from health technology. Clinicians, patients, patient associations, social care workers, educational institutions, students or people working with health care technology may have particular interest in this track.

Programme Committee

  • Chair 
  • Maria Hardt Schønnemann, Consultant, Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, Region of Southern Denmark
  • Tine Kongsted Eefsen, Special consultant, Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, Region of Southern Denmark
  • Katrine Maruri Zorzabalbere, Event Consultant, Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, Region of Southern Denmark
  • Lea Bohn, Innovation Consultant, Center for Innovative Medical Technology, Odense University Hospital
  • Katrine Schousbøll Leth, Development consultant, Center for Health and Welfare Technology, City of Odense

Opening remarks from a strategic political angle

Expert inspires and describes the newest tendencies and trends within health technology with a special focus on the development of VR and AR

Case from the social care sector presenting tools for how to ensure knowledge for professionals using VR/AR

René Martin Larsen

Case from the hospital on how medical doctors are trained by simulation to perform complex surgery – in the same way as pilots are trained to fly

Karin Spangsberg Kristensen

2 cases from rehabilitation centers focusing on patients recovering from brain damage

Cutting edge companies both national and international present their VR/AR health solutions within rehabilitation