19 November
20 November
21 November
Robots, AI & Drones of the Future


Kasper Hallenborg

Robots & Drones

What is the status of the use of robotics and drones within both Danish and global healthcare? Where is robotics headed and what do researchers, companies and industry experts point to as the central challenges to address, in order to get there? This track on robotics and drones will seek to answer these questions by drawing on industry and research perspectives, implementation in healthcare, as well as outlining legal and ethical issues.

Programme committee

  • Kasper Hallenborg, Head of Department, The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, Denmark
  • Jens Dinesen Strandbech, Ph.d., Project Manager, The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, Region of Southern Denmark
  • René Høltzermann, Innovation Consultant, The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, Region of Southern Denmark
  • Søren Elmer KristensenHead of Unit, TEK Innovation, University of Southern Denmark
  • Katrine Maruri Zorzabalbere, Event Consultant, Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, Region of Southern Denmark
  • Lea Bohn, Innovation Consultant, Center for Innovative Medical Technology, Odense University Hospital
  • Katrine Schousbøll Leth, Development consultant, Center for Health and Welfare Technology, City of Odense


Odense University Hospital and Svendborg Sygehus has implemented several robot solutions for both patient interaction and logistics – and are working on a number of new applications of robots. In this session, medical director Peder Jest will present the practical experiences and value that the hospital is seeing from the implementation of robots – and share ideas for future use.

Peder Jest

The Research Institute at the Korean National Rehabilitation Centre has designed and applied its Translational Research Program For Rehabilitation Robots since 2013. In his presentation, Dr. Song will provide case examples highlighting opportunities, challenges and value gained by implementing robotics in Korean municipal healthcare using this method of accelerating development and implementation.

Dr Won-Kyung Song

Presentation on the future of robotics.


Moderator Søren Elmer Kristensen, Head of Unit, TEK Innovation, University of Southern Denmark