19 November
20 November
21 November
Digital prevention and rehabilitation services


Hasse Petersen

Home based Healthcare

The market of digital platforms has grown enormously in recent years, and more and more citizens apply a digital platform as part of their individual prevention and rehabilitation program. In spite of implementation of innumerous pilots, examples of large-scale deployment of digital prevention and rehabilitation services are few and scarce. The session will address whether local care providers have now reached the point where they can step up from small-scale implementation to large-scale deployment of digitally prevention and rehabilitation services to the citizens, and if so what it will require. Join the discussions of lessons learned, good practices and innovations.

Target Group

  • Decision makers, nurses, therapists, general practitioners and consultants from the primary healthcare sector
  • Decision makers, clinicians, nurses, therapists and consultants from the hospitals with an interest in delivery of home-based healthcare services and the role of ICT in the primary health sector
  • Researchers from universities

Programme Commitee

  • Chair 
  • Katrine Schousbøll Leth, Development consultant, Center for Health and Welfare Technology, City of Odense
  • Lea Bohn, Innovation Consultant, Center for Innovative Medical Technology, Odense University Hospital
  • Katrine Maruri Zorzabalbere, Event Consultant, Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, Region of Southern Denmark
  • Stine Haubro Falk, Chief consultant, The Department of the Elderly and Disabled, City of Odense


Opening remarks by the moderator

Hasse Petersen

Case study focusing on 'do's and don'ts when implementing digital solutions in large scale. 

Get your own hands on experience using digitally facilitated exercises. 

3 cases on home based digital prevention or rehabilitation initiatives. 

Jan Arnholtz Overgaard
Maila Tandrup

Panelists will debate on lessons learned and good practices.