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Bits & Beers

Bits & Beers

WHINN Bits and Beers asserts itself for the fifth year in a row as the gathering place to be – both in a professional as well as personal way – and kick-offs the WHINN Conference 2019. The event attracts private companies, entrepreneurs, public decision makers and others, who seek to expand their network and get new insights to the newest trends in technology.

WHINN Bits & Beers is an atypical after work event, which is positioned as a run-up event. Event participation is prioritised by national and international profiles within the health- and welfare technology sector. It offers a unique opportunity to combine business and pleasure while you get new insights to the newest trends in technology.

The 2019 edition of WHINN Bits & Beers will centre around six innovative companies working on the latest technology in health. The set-up is informal with its combination of business and pleasure. The event will be held from 7pm at the Anarchist microbrewery where you can buy a chilled beer brewed by the brewmasters of Anarchist, while sounds from the Dj spice up the atmosphere.

During the evening committed and impassioned speakers will present short bites of their findings and central take aways. Talks are short, being held to 10 minutes, and have different focuses – some are focusing on technical standards in it-solutions, others are focusing on the implementation and usage of technology – however, all topics are identified as important factors to the healthcare and care providers as well as the companies in question.

This year, the event will zoom in on intelligent healthcare devices and the ethical dilemmas. What are the gains and pains - the challenges and potentials for both citizens, the healthcare sector and the private companies?



Enjoy your prepaid light meal and network while we spice it up with sounds from the Dj


Network and Dj


Session 1: How is artificial intelligens (AI) redrawing the healthcare landscape?


How to make an AI system that assists healthcare workers in making better decisions
v/ Lars Maaløe, Co-Founder and CTO Corti, PhD


How intelligent drones can create a better service at the emergency management by gathering relevant data
v/ Nicole Sophie Christiansen, Business Development Manager, Lorenz Technology


Medication management. Why is effective remote adherence monitoring the next step to achieve better evidence-based decision making?
v/ Cristiano Cairo, CEO, The Haplap – Klikkit


Network and Dj


Session 2: Examining the ethical and social issues of health technology design. How do we take ethical aspects into account when designing health technologies? 


Design or die? Why wearable health products needs a wearer-led design approach
v/Trine Møller, PhD and wearable health design consultant


Freedom to move, right to be found
v/ Ricky Toftelund Larsen, Otiom A/S  


Ethics mus be embedded in business models when working with health data. But how?
v/ Troels Bierman Mortensen, CEO, DataFair


Network and Dj


Good night and see you at WHINN

During the event, there will be breaks where we encourage you to connect with the speakers, network with the other attendees, and enjoy a cold beer from the brewery.

WHINN Bits & Beers is the run-up for the following WHINN Conference 2019 and you are more than welcome to participate even though you are not participating in the conference. Registration for this event in mandatory.

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WHINN Bits & Beers 2019 is held by the Innovation Network Danish Healthtech with support from the Ministry of Education and Research