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21 November
Personalised Coaching and ICT Environments for Wellbeing and Care

Personalised Coaching and ICT Environments for Wellbeing and Care

This Conference is organised in the framework of the project “Supporting Active Ageing through Multimodal Coaching. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No.769661.

Welcome and Address from Maria Gabriel, Europan Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society


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'Personalised Home-based Tele-Rehabilitation' by Dr. Helena Burger, Slovenia
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'Detecting Emotional And Cognitive Changes Using Privacy Preserving, Spontaneous Interaction Data' by Dr Saturnino Luz
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Dr Helena Burger
Dr Saturnino Luz

Panel Discussion
The ubiquity of mobile devices promises to address the need for continuous management of chronic conditions at lower costs. Its rapid expansion, particularly in public health, is currently largely consumer-driven and lacking in acceptable frameworks for its wider adoption into the healthcare systems. The aim of this panel is to identify the key parameters to consider in developing an ethical governance framework for Digital Health and Care.

Dr Assya Pascalev
Dr Bozidar Voljc
Dr Lada Timotijevic

The talk will discuss how persuasive technologies, which use computers, mobile and pervasive computing devices to influence human behaviour in a beneficial way can be used to promote healthier lifestyles, better adherence to therapy, and social connections for elderly people. Informed by research in social psychology and behavioural economics, as well as neuroscience, these technologies hold great promise in empowering seniors for independent and healthy living.

Dr Julita Vassileva
  • 'Ambient Decision Support Systems in Coaching' by Martin Žnidarsic, Slovenia
  • 'Supporting a phisycal active lifestyle at the edge of and beyind retirement: ICT based coaching solutions' by Dr. Sabine Würth
Martin Žnidarsic
Dr Sabine Würth

Cases from Personalised Medicine H2020 projects
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Evdokimos Konstantinidis

What will the future of AAL hold?  Starting with project SAAM, this short presentation looks at some of the most likely and useful innovations of the next ten years.

Richard Wheeler