19 November
20 November
21 November
Improving Access for All Citizens


Erik Jylling

Easy and Equal Access to Care

Adapting healthcare to the digital future, the track will explore how innovative technologies - combined with re-thinking collaboration structures - can facilitate easy and equal access to the right healthcare services for all citizens and patients.

During the morning session of the track you will learn how digital solutions are disrupting and improving access to care independent of time and place, for example in mental health and out-of-hours primary care services.

Target group

  • Health professionals from all sectors; municipalities, general practitioners, hospitals/regions, psychiatry
  • Managers from healthcare providers and other healthcare organisations
  • Project managers, researchers and IT staff from healthcare organisations
  • Companies in the field of health IT

Programme committee:

  • Erik Jylling, MD. MPM., Executive vice president, Danish Regions, Denmark
  • Lea Bohn, Innovation Consultant, Center for Innovative Medical Technology, Odense University Hospital
  • Katrine Maruri Zorzabalbere, Event Consultant, Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, Region of Southern Denmark
  • Katrine Schousbøll Leth, Development consultant, Center for Health and Welfare Technology, City of Odens


Erik Jylling

The session will discuss how mental health services can become accessible 24/7 through innovative approaches and technologies as well as new models for collaboration. How far have we come with digital self-help solutions and what is the potential for expansion of this type of service?

Marie Paldam Folker
Martin Lund

Digital access to health care services is starting to push the public health institutions to think differently and organise in a new way. Citizens are increasingly demanding, and they are choosing clinics that offer quick and easy access to a GP. Furthermore, digital tools such as apps and chatbots for self-diagnostics are constantly emerging. This session takes a look at three cases from Denmark, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands and the value - and disruption – they are creating.  

  • Self-triage for acute primary care via a smartphone application; Practical, safe and efficient? by Alike van der Velden.    
Alike van der Velden