WHINN Pitchfire – Meet last year’s winner
Sehat Labs is last year’s winner of the student’s competition at WHINN Pitchfire.

This year, the WHINN conference hosts the WHINN Pitchfire Competition for the third time. It is an ideal platform for start-ups to pitch their ideas in front a jury consisting of invited experts and investors.

Sehat Labs is last year’s winner of the student’s competition at WHINN Pitchfire. They have developed an intelligent software solution built together with doctors and nurses, The Health Enhancing Assistant or T.H.E.A.

T.H.E.A works as a digital assistant that supports pre-hospitalization interviews with all types of patients directly in their homes. It collects the patient’s answers about their health issues and automatically sends all data to their electronic patient record, making the data instantly accessible to hospital staff through the hospital’s record system – and all the patient has to do is talk.

“We have developed T.H.E.A in cooperation with doctors and nurses, because we want to generate value for the healthcare sector by relieving overburdened healthcare staff to ensure competent care in the future”, says Ehsanullah Ekhlas, Co-Founder & CEO of Sehat Labs.


Where is Sehat Labs today?
Today, Sehat Labs is a part of Odense’s start-up ecosystem in the SDU Cortex Lab, the new innovation and entrepreneurship environment placed in Videnbyen. The start-up is seeking investors and their product has already received great interest from Odense University Hospital, OUH.

“Since 2017, we have had a lot in our pipeline. We are currently planning to visit China, which is a great opportunity for us to get more international attraction. Furthermore, we will pitch at Odense Investor Summit in September, and we are in contact with South Denmark European Office to get in touch with international investors”, says Ehsanullah Ekhlas.

But it does not end here. Sehat Labs has been selected for a 16-week-long acceleration program in Budapest, the GE Health Venture Lab 2018, which helps innovators expand the potential of their business and get ready for funding in Budapest.

The software solution T.H.E.A not only has potential in developed countries, but also in underdeveloped countries where there is 99 % illiteracy among adults and more than two hours’ drive to the nearest healthcare point. Therefore, Sehat Labs’ vision of better connecting home and hospital resulted in a WHINN Pitchfire Award for students in 2017.

Sehat Labs will attend this year’s WHINN Pitchfire - but this year they are in the competition as a startup company, and not as a university project: “Last year, we could attend as students. This year we will compete in the main competition. ”, says Ehsanullah Ekhlas. Sehat Labs will also show their innovative solution to all interested at the Start-up Hub booth in the WHINN Exhibition.

Read more about Sehat Labs, or get in touch with Ehsanullah Ekhlas, CEO & Co-Founder of Sehat Labs, here.


Do you want to pitch at the WHINN Pitchfire Competition 2018?
The WHINN Pitchfire Competition is a great opportunity for start-ups to get better at presenting their company, but also to pitch their innovative ideas in front of investors and experts within the field of health and social care. Therefore, it is an ideal platform for you to meet your next investor or business partner – you never know what a pitch can lead to.

Read more about and register for the WHINN Pitchfire Competition 2018 here.