Think business through untraditional networking
Relations and a large network are both important factors for the perfect collaboration. This is something you can build and maintain in different ways.

Relations and a large network are both important factors for the perfect collaboration. This is something you can build and maintain in different ways. Traditional networking over a cup of coffee is being overtaken by untraditional networking events. Join the trend and get a taste for untraditional networking as national and international profiles within health and welfare technology gather in Odense at this year’s WHINN Bits & Beers.

Research has proved again and again how relationships and the right network are key factors in business development and exploring career options. Networking is one of the hottest topics at the moment, but how do we use it to create growth for companies? Think about it: We all attend one reception or seminar after the other, but how many times have you actually gone home with a new unique contact? Usually, you settle for a new LinkedIn connection. On the other hand, how many times have you woken up to find a napkin in your back pocket scribbled with new business ideas from the bar during closing-time-beer? Probably a lot more often.

Untraditional networking is more and more requested due to the success rate and approach to expanding one’s network. However, the purpose of networking continues to be the same; to navigate the networking jungle while searching for new relevant contacts and to be persistent with those who could lead to new growth opportunities.

A professional and social gathering point
Health sectors all over the world are calling for new innovative solutions to meet the requirements of making care and treatment more efficient. Welfare Tech Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology has through the last four years run relevant projects, and the most central points thereof will be presented at this year’s WHINN Bits & Beers - an interactive after-hours event which breaks with the traditional meaning of networking. The event takes place 9 October 2018 in the heart of Odense and attracts many national and international professionals and WHINN conference delegates. This is the fourth year of WHINN Bits & Beers being a run-up to WHINN, and it has always been a priority for many established businesses, entrepreneurs, decision-makers and people who wish to expand their network and get insights into the newest technology trends.

See programme for WHINN

The set-up is built on an untraditional combination of business and pleasure. You are invited to enjoy a cold beer in a relaxing lounge area with DJing in the background. Engaging and passionate speakers will present short and professional teasers on new research and relevant takeaways from projects of Welfare Tech Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Tech

These teasers are presented in short 10-minute talks and, among other things, deal with why technology should be considered a colleague and not an enemy. We ask the following questions:

  • How can design and technology act as change agents and add value for citizens?
  • Why and how do we use data from wearables, apps and other health technology - data which we have never had access to before?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities of intelligent wearables?
  • How should intelligent wearables be used to create the most value for citizens?
  • Can data create better conditions for growth for organisations?

In between the short talks, there will be breaks for networking with speakers and other participants at WHINN, discuss the topics further and enjoy refreshments.

WHINN Bits & Beers marks the run-up to the conference itself. Everyone is welcome whether attending the conference or not.

You can sign up with or without food. The event is free without food.

3 reasons why you should attend WHINN 2018

Experience a conference with professional tracks and unique networking events on the agenda. As a delegate at this year’s WHINN you will get:

  1. 12 professional conference tracks where you, among other things, get to set the agenda for better cross-sectional collaboration supported by technology and good leadership. You also get to become part of the health agenda of the future where social relations and personal involvement through technology are part of better prevention and health.
  2. A big international exhibition with 50+ stands where you can network, enjoy refreshments and participate in guided tours related to the professional tracks.
  3. Customised matchmaking where you can target your networking activities through the registration system. You can invite all 1000+ delegates to meet you.