The DataDonor app
Focuses on the use of behavioural data in healthcare - WHINN 2018

WHINN involves delegates in a debate about the use of personal health and behavioural data in the healthcare sector for the benefit of patient care.

The DataDonor app is the focal point for several events at this year’s WHINN - Week of Health and INNovation 9-11 October 2018 in Odense, Denmark.

What is Data Donor?

With our smartphones, we automatically collect data about our behaviour every time we move. Our phones count our steps and estimate how far we have walked, and it holds data which could uncover important facts about our health and be very valuable to patient treatment.

The DataDonor app makes it possible for you to share your behavioural data from your smartphone. The app also allows you to use a cognitive face analysis which calculates your mood score.

The collected data are part of the further research of the concept and app as well as the debate about the use of behavioural data.

Donating your data?

The DataDonor app was launched at the Danish national meeting for democracy and community, where 200 people donated their data and joined the debate. Now, the concept is being introduced to the delegates at WHINN 2018.

Are you willing to donate your data? Should donation of data be voluntary or automatic? Should the healthcare sector pay to use your data in the future?

Think about those questions. Once you arrive at WHINN, you will get the opportunity to download the app and try data donation for yourself. The DataDonor app will be released in English before WHINN starts. 

Private-public collaboration

The “DataDonor” app was developed in a PPI collaboration between the private company ProActive A/S and the Region of Southern Denmark at the Health Innovation Centre at Southern Denmark.

Meet us at the WHINN Exhibition at our stand where you will be able to get insights into the different scales and perspectives of the collected data.