WHINN Pitchfire

This event will be held in English
Sign-up via email. Please send to bsgb@rsyd.dk


Do you want to practice your pitching skills? Are you on the look-out for an investor? Or do you simply want to know more about how investors and venture capitalists operate? If so, join us at this year's WHINN PITCHFIRE.


What we offer:

  1. Train your pitch with help from experts with WHINN pitchfire workshop (Oct. 9th)
  2. Participate in WHINN Pitchfire Finals in front of an investor jury (Oct. 11th)

OBS: Sign-up and get a free space in the Start Up Zone at WHINN Expo (10th and 11th of October)

Are you considering WHINN Pitchfire? And do you already have a commercial product? The first 5 startups to sign up will be offered a free spot in the Start Up Zone. With a space in the Start Up Zone we can offer you:

  • Startups (Companies under the age of 3 years and max 5 employees) 
  • Space in the Startup Zone 
  • Bring your own Roll Up (only 1 is allowed) 
  • 1 high coffee table 
  • 1 electricity plug 
  • Logo and link at WHINN.dk 
  • Solution or company description at our website WHINN.dk (max 150 words) 
  • 1 Complimentary exhibitor badge 
  • Dedicated exhibition during exhibitor hours

The value of this service is € 595 but will be given free to the first 5 startups participating in WHINN Pitchfire

Part 1: Workshop, ODENSE, October 9, 2018

WHINN Pitchfire starts with an intense workshop in Odense. This is a day of training, discussion and feedback. The training session is arranged and moderated by CONNECT Denmark, which is a non-profit organisation specialized in helping startups and SMEs to the next level of commercialization.

We divide you in tracks of 5 to 6 startups and SMEs. In two rounds you get to pitch 5 min. in front of a jury, which consists of members of CONNECT Denmark as well as invited experts and investors. The opposing jury gives feedback for you to strengthen your pitch. In the second round your pitch will be recorded for your own feedback.

Preliminary programme for WHINN Pitchfire Workshop

12:00   Lunch and networking

13:00   Welcome and introduction to WHINN Pitch-training session

13:15   Pitch-session 1 – training, feedback and key take-homes

14:15   Coffee break

14:30   Pitch-session 2 – recording of pitches + feedback and key take-homes

16:00   Networking   

17:00   End of WHINN Pitchfire workshop


  • CONNECT Denmark members and experts.

Coworking Plus
Kochsgade 31D 2nd floor, 5000 Odense C

Part 2: WHINN Pitchfire Finals, ODENSE, October 11, 2018

WHINN Pitchfire ends with a final pitch in front of an investor jury and WHINN visitors. WHINN pitchfire finals also include an inspiring speaker and awards to the winners.

Program for WHINN Pitchfire

13.30            Key-note speaker (WHINN EXPO)

14:00            Welcome and introduction

14:10            Speaker (tbc)

14:40            LIVE: Pitch-session 1: Early stage and student startups

15:20            Break and network

15:40            LIVE: Pitch-session 2: Mature startups and healthcare companies

16:20            Awarding the winners

16:30            End of programme


Jury (expected)

  • Venture Capital foundations (such as Welfare Tech Invest and Syddansk Innovation)
  • Regional and foreign Business Angels
  • CONNECT Denmark members and invited investors.
  • The Danish Growth Fund

First, second and third place get awarded with a gift certificate from CONNECT Denmark to participate in Springboard session (incl. screening for members of advisory Board or Board).

Criteria for applying
Startups and companies working with health and welfare solutions. “The field of welfare” is defined in broad terms, although with the emphasis on utilizing business opportunities in welfare technologies and welfare services in association with hospital construction, prevention and nutrition, greater self-care, care services and treatment of illness, for example.

Information for investors
If you are an investor and interested in the event in general or interested in a seat in the panel please contact Investment Manager Michael Hansen: +45 23 414 007 or mhann@odense.dk

Free to attend but a no show fee will be charged DKK 500 / € 70 + VAT

WHINN Pitchfire Finals will be held in Odense Congress Centre. 

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