The 3 Main Topics of WHINN 2018
The 3 Main Topics of WHINN 2018


We talk about our own health, patient empowerment, owning our data and how healthcare can use data from citizens etc. How do we communicate with citizens and relatives, what is the role of relatives and the close ones in the healthcare system?

Thought Leadership
Thought leaders are the ones we are looking at, learning from them and finding inspiration. Influencers, global leaders, companies, organizations that affect how the health technology and innovation world looks today. At the same time, these are the best practices we look at when implementing new strategies, overall processes and working methods - including the importance of leadership, governance and organizational structures when it comes to implementing new technology.

We are bringing in thought leaders to be a part of the programme.

Integrated Care
How do we integrate health technologies and innovation into organisations, communities, hospitals, etc.? And how can health technology become an integral part of everyday life for patients and their relatives?

We look at cross-sectoral coherence, technology support, data sharing, common platforms, etc.