WHINN - Week of Health and Innovation becomes one conference
The international knowledge festival, WHINN, now gathers all events under one programme at Odense Congress Center as a result of an ongoing integration of all associated conferences,

The international knowledge festival, WHINN, now gathers all events under one programme at Odense Congress Center as a result of an ongoing integration of all associated conferences,

Health innovation: The programme for the international knowledge festival, WHINN - Week of Health and Innovation, which has previously operated as an umbrella of different conferences, now gathers into one conference at Odense Congress Center 9-11 October.

The conference consists of three relevant main topics: meHealth, Thought Leadership and Integrated Care, and these three main topics are integrated into 14 tracks which all revolve around the future of the healthcare sector. Director of WHINN, Michaela Andersen, elaborates:

“WHINN is first and foremost a knowledge-sharing platform for health innovation, and the event will naturally evolve every year. Last year, WHINN was more about volume in terms of delegates and nationalities. This year, we’re focusing on raising the quality of the content as well as spreading the word of WHINN in the respective countries.”

In 2017, the goal was to reach 1,500 delegates from 30 countries, but the result ended up being over 2,400 delegates from more than 40 countries. In 2018, WHINN is betting on 800-1,000 delegates to not set their expectations too high following the new conference model.

Cannabis on the agenda

During the next four years it will be legal to prescribe medical cannabis in Denmark, and at WHINN we will have a whole track dedicated to this trial. The world’s two leading manufacturers of medical cannabis have therefore founded their production in Denmark while aiming at the European market, and a total of 15 Danish companies have been licensed to produce medical cannabis.

Denmark can draw on the experience of Canada, Holland and various American states where medical cannabis has been legal for years, and with this new trial, medical cannabis has been validated for further research.

At WHINN we ask: What can Denmark learn from others? What is being researched and where is research lacking? Overall, how does Denmark best utilise this four-year trial?

Cannabis Denmark is part of the WHINN Programme Committee, and delegates can experience Mark Ware among others. He is internationally recognised for his research in pain management and medical cannabis and has a particular focus on the effects of medical cannabis in pain management.

HIMSS joins the WHINN Programme Committee

The world’s biggest member organisation within health-IT, HIMSS/Health 2.0, is together with the health tech conference, Health 2.0 Europe, joining the WHINN Programme Committee. Michaela Andersen says: “We are very proud and honoured to have HIMSS and Health 2.0 onboard WHINN. Last year, we had 2,400 delegates attending from 40 countries and we are certain that with the strong partners already in our programme committee we will be able to strengthen the international content and especially bring thought leaders to the event.”

CEO and President of HIMSS, Hal Wolf, adds: “WHINN continues to develop unique content and thought-provoking sessions. HIMSS is honoured to participate as both a facilitator and contributor to the theme of Thought Leadership”.

Bruce Steinberg, Executive Vice President of HIMSS International, elaborates: “We are delighted to be joining the WHINN Programme Committee in 2018. It is essential to build partnerships and stimulate innovation in Europe so that together we can realise the full potential of transforming health through information and technology to improve patient outcomes”.

The first main speakers are announced

At this year’s WHINN, delegates can meet Ralph Echemendia “The Ethical Hacker” founder of the security firm, Seguru; Sara Naseri, one of the world’s most promising young health entrepreneurs at only 25 years old, who founded her first business at just 16 years old and now runs to global businesses while studying medicine; as well as Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, Dr. Richard Milani, who is at the head of clinical transformation at the innovative Ochsner Health System in Louisiana, USA. More main speakers will be continually announced, and Friday the 24th of August AI-expert, Sean McClure, from Accenture will be added.


Look through the programme, meet the main speakers and read more about the 14 tracks at WHINN here: https://www.whinn.dk/programme/

Check out the three main topics here:


WHINN is a not-for-profit conference composed of the City of Odense, the Region of Southern Denmark, Welfare Tech, Odense University Hospital, Healthcare Denmark and the University of Southern Denmark.