Press Release 16/8 2017
Press Release 16/8 2017

The Week of Health and Innovation wants to WHINN Europe

Press Release 16/8 2017

The knowledge festival WHINN - Week of Health and Innovation is committed to gathering forces from all over Europe around health innovation by 2020.

Health Innovation. Strategic focus on research in health and growth technologies, investment in new hospitals, a thriving robot industry and generally good framework conditions can make Denmark Europe's capital for health innovation. Denmark is closely aligned with the health sector, and WHINN will use it to make the Region of Southern Denmark and the City of Odense the preferred venue for European players in health innovation. WHINN goes from primarily focusing on the Nordic region to including the rest of Europe.

Denmark should be Europe's laboratory
Rising medicine prices and average life expectancy threaten the majority of European healthcare systems. Patients live longer with chronic diseases and the cost of treatment rises, and this may be a benefit to Denmark. Governments across the region are screaming for health innovation, and few countries are ready to solve these challenges like Denmark is, says the director of WHINN, Michaela Andersen:

"A high degree of digitization, strength in the field of health technology, rapid adoption rate and a tradition of public-private partnerships make Denmark the perfect laboratory for the pursuit of future health solutions."

Michaela Andersen is a well-known event organizer in the field of health who has previously run some of the largest European health innovation conferences, and she does not doubt that Denmark can take the lead in this field:

"Last year, WHINN mainly focused on the Nordic region, but this year we are looking look across borders and aim to attract stakeholders from all over Europe. Among other things, this will be visible through a focused press effort across Europe, and a straight story about WHINN. "

The purpose of WHINN is to provide a framework for innovation in the health field through the meeting between public, private and professional interests. In other words, it is about creating an innovative environment, focused on social purposes rather than commercial interests, and the WHINN organization is therefore also run as a non-profit.

Danish exports of health technology
The CEO of Welfare Tech, the Danish national cluster and hub for innovation and business development in healthcare, homecare and social services, together with a number of other key organizations and conferences in Danish health innovation are the parties that make up WHINN. Christian Graversen welcomes the strengthened focus on communication and a generally higher level of ambition:

"WHINN has from the beginning been thought of as an international gathering point for health and healthcare innovation. Our close partners from Britain and Germany and the rest of the Nordic region are fond of the mix of matchmaking, trade fair and delegation visits. It gives them a deeper understanding of how we work and strengthens our company's ability to export Danish-developed solutions. "

Although the Danish export of health products, according to 'Dansk Industri' (Confederation of Danish Industry), are still primarily pulled by the pharmaceutical industry, Welfare Tech is currently experiencing an increase in exports of, for example, aids to the neighbouring markets in Germany and England.

WHINN - Week of Health and INNovation is a knowledge festival that brings together conferences in health innovation and technology.

The festival runs over four days from the 9th to the 12th of October 2017 and brings together a total of 12 conferences and 22 activities.

In 2016, almost 1,400 health professionals from primarily the Nordic countries attended WHINN, and this number is expected to rise to more than 1,500 from all over Europe in 2017.

WHINN is run as a non-profit organization.

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Contact Information

Christian Graversen
Executive Director, Welfare Tech
+45 2128 8419

Michaela Andersen
Director, WHINN
+45 4040 1282