Lunch at WHINN
Tasteful lunches at WHINN - healthy, fresh commodities.

Visit one of the food trucks in the WHINN FOOD COURT. Choose between:

  • Lê Trang: Authentic and refined Vietnamese street food made from fresh ingredients, herbs and spices.
  • Jipi Empenadas: Choose from a variety of classic and tasty Argentinian empenadas. (Vegetarian and vegan options are also available). 
  • Mad & Marked: Experience their amazing gourmet sliders - a creative and exciting take on the classic burger recipe.
  • The Fish Project: Fish & chips - the British classic made from the finest Danish ingredients, served in a newspaper wrapping - just as it should be.

Buy a lunch ticket when you register for WHINN 2019 here and get WHINN coins* to shop in the different Food Trucks. 
(1 WHINN coin = 1 item (food/beverage))


*Prices for lunch at WHINN 2019 are:

  • DKK 200,- + 25 % VAT includes: 3 WHINN coins - FULL MEAL - choose 2 different lunches from above + 1 beverage.
  • DKK 130,- + 25 % VAT includes: 2 WHINN coins - SMALL SNACK MEAL - choose 1 different lunch from above + 1 beverage.