10-11 NOVEMBER 2022

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The WHINN EXHIBITION gathers private companies and academia. Make your company’s solutions or your research results known at WHINN - Week of Health and INNovation. Please contact us for further information.


WHINN - Week of Health and INNovation is a life science and health tech conference that attracts businesspeople, decision-makers, policymakers, representatives from educational institutions, researchers and clinicians, and others with an interest in health innovation.


At WHINN - Week of Health and INNovation we do everything we can to make sure you can network during long breaks. We provide networking areas, where you can plan a meeting, have informal conversations etc. We also offer professional match-making which promotes your chances to network with exactly the persons you’re looking for to develop and implement your ideas.

What do Whinn delegates say?

I have attended WHINN because I think it’s important to experience what is going on in the innovation environment and what thoughts are being shared.

CEKURA attended WHINN. This proved to be an extremely effective way to get in touch with partners in municipalities and regions. As a result of WHINN, CEKURA established and implemented a relevant project with Region Syddanmark in the field of psychiatry.

WHINN is important because it enables a big tent and for everyone to have a voice and a seat at the table.


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