Free event
10 - 11 Oct 2017 - Free event

Join us and visit our sponsors and exhibitors. 

We will showcase state of the art. Witness the many world class exhibitors, new product launches, educational sessions, company exhibitions and so much more!

Also this is a good place to network. All coffee and lunch breaks for all events 10th and 11th October is happening in the exhibition hall. 

Opening hours for the expo floor:

  • Tuesday 10th October 9.00 - 18.00
  • Wednesday 11th October 9.00 - 17.00

This year we introduce WHINN TALKS! in the exhibition area. Meet some innovative speakers from all over the world. 

Entrance is free but you can pre-order food package for DKK 375 / € 50 + VAT per day




Free event
10 - 11 Oct 2017 - Free event

At the official WHINN Matchmaking you can book meetings with the other WHINN attendees and design your own meeting schedule with pre-arranged face-to-face meetings. 

The event is a platform offering opportunities to meet potential partners and investors for new business and for R&D projects. You can meet representatives of companies, regions, hospitals, universities and research institutions offering or requesting innovative solutions, investigating new collaborations.

Free to attend but a no show fee will be charged DKK 500 / € 70 + VAT

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Free event
10 - 11 Oct 2017 - Free event

Get a guided tour at WHINN EXHIBITION in Odense Congress Centre, on a topic that interest you. It will be possible to experience the newest products in welfare technology, and meet the innovators that creates them. Products that can help achieve more efficient and effective processes, thereby contributing to better quality of life for citizens in need of care and support.


Tuesday 10th October 2017  
10.00 - 10.30 Hospital Solutions 
10.00 - 10.30 Patient in their own home
14.00 - 14.30 Dementia Solutions
15.00 - 15.30 Mental Health
Wednesday 11th October 2017  
13.00 - 13.30 Patient in their own home
13.00 - 13.30 Infection Control & Innovation
14.00 - 14.30 Sound, Light and Virtual Reality

Free to attend but a no show fee will be charged DKK 500 / € 70 + VAT

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10 - 11 Oct 2017 - Paid event

Based on the successful Hospital + Innovation conferences in 2013 and during WHINN 2015, as well as the successful Data & Genomics conference during WHINN 2016, we are happy to present the theme for this year's Hospital + Innovation Congress: 

Hospital & Innovation in the New Health Paradigm. Current trends on personalised medicine, valuebased healthcare, and the focus in the individual, present a completely new landscape of opportunities and challenges for the hospitals. 

The congress is an open invitation for Danish and International key decision makers from both the public and private sector to learn more about Danish and International perspectives on building hospitals and experience the latest innovative hospital technologies. 

In 2017, the Hospital + Innovation congress will focus on three main topics of the new health paradigm:

  • Innovation in design, functionality and construction of hospitals
    Focus on best practices from the current process of investing more than €5.6 billion in 16 new Danish hospital projects including new greenfield projects and expansion og the existing capacity
  • The role of the hospital in 2030
    Copenhagen Institue for Future Studies presents the results from a high-level scenario study on the role of the hospital in 2030
  • Genomics in hospitals
    The field of genomics is progressing fast and the Danish government has decided to develop the field of personalised medicine and genomics as part of the future Danish healthcare system.


  • Public organisations DKK 2.925 / € 390 + VAT
  • Private companies DKK 4.500 / € 600 + VAT

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11 Oct 2017 - Paid event

Infection control in hospitals is an area in continuous development. Innovative hospital constructions and technology developments are bringing in new possibilities for infection control, but also pose new challenges in the field.

The conference takes a look at some of the challenges modern hospitals face: How do we best keep hospital wards and patient rooms clean and safe – and create smooth processes for room disinfection and patient turnover? With more and more processes becoming digital, how can we keep patients and data safe, while at the same time benefiting from the available data flows and using them to provide personalized healthcare diagnostics and care? On a global scale there’s a rising problem with microbiotic resistance caused by overuse of antibiotics in healthcare and other industry sectors such as agriculture – which new technologies and solutions can be used to solve some of the issues leading to use of antibiotics and how should they be deployed for maximum benefit?

Price: DKK 1.200 / € 160 + VAT

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10 Oct 2017 - Paid event

New Nordic Welfare - Values, gains and challenges - DANISH EVENT

The conference is based on the Nordic model of Welfare and focus on value creation through welfare technology and on how to achieve measurable effect and value.

During three tracks the following themes will be presented:

Track 1 – Welfare Technology – getting there consists of a workshop, based on the Nordic project CONNECT under the Nordic Welfare Centre. Across the Nordic municipalities the project has gathered best practice in working with technology and presents 9 steps from vision to effect monitoring. Next, speakers will put attention to how we work with Living labs and a number of actors working with Living labs will present how the cooperation between citizens, private companies and the public sector contribute to welfare technology working in practice.

Track 3 - Effect in focus - management, learning and development in municipalities is about how we as a public organisation succeed, when we contribute to a positive change for the people and businesses we are here for. The track will be based on the yearlong experience in Odense, with challenges and solutions when developing the effect from the work of a municipality. The track will be conducted in a collaborative and exploratory environment, where we all become wiser about the challenges and possible solutions to succeed in supporting the work with effect in focus.


  • Normal registration DKK 800 / € 109 + VAT
  • Students DKK 280 / € 39 + VAT

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10 - 11 Oct 2017 - Paid event

We share the same ambition of a long and healthy life for ourselves and our neighbors. We have trusted a health system but see the grounds shaking under it and as much as we need it, it cannot survive in its current form – it is expensive and outdated.​

The innovation accelerators as Augmented and virtual reality, next generation security, 3D printing, IOT, Cognitive and Robotics are entering the health arena and are starting to be available at a price and scale which is attractive and it is time to act. We need to change. The current structure will need a reform, we need to make necessary technology investments and we need to take important ethical discussions – now.

At Adding Edge and IDC we share the vision that if we all come together we can create the world’s best health system – again. To succeed we need courage to take leadership and discover new grounds. We will throughout 2017 create a series of events where we look at what it takes to create the world's best health system and discuss with influencers where dreams can take us but also look deeper into the more specific areas needed to be discussed.  

We invite you to join and are eager to collaborate to raise this important debate.

Price: DKK 3.600 / € 480 + VAT

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10 Oct 2017 - Free event

Most of us recognize how sound and light can influence our feelings and emotions, but can sensory effects also make patients healthy? We ask the questions - How can different sensory environments affect us and what is the evidence behind using sound & light as medicine? How can we take advantage of innovative sensory technologies like VR/AR when it comes to health? This and much more will be discussed at this conference.

The focus will be on emerging technologies and future trends, featuring groundbreaking research and inspiring industry cases and business applications. Whether you’re a business executive, IT- specialist, healthcare professional or just interested in the area, this conference will give you opportunities to gain a competitive edge in your field and get a glance into the future of your industry.

This conference will give the audience a chance to get a first impression of the possibilities in the realm of sensory intervention, and will also be engaged in discussing the technological possibilities for innovative medicine.


  • Indre Viskontas, Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience, M.M.  in voice performance, professor at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the University of San Francisco. Co-host of Inquiring Minds and Cadence podcasts.
  • Jens Christoffersen, Senior Researcher at VELUX Group, Ph.D.
  • Niels Christian Nilsson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University Copenhagen
  • Jan Larsen, professor, Danish Technical University - DTU Compute

Free to attend but a no show fee will be charged DKK 1.125 /  € 150 + VAT

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10 Oct 2017 - Paid event

Robots and automation have been pushing their way in to the health and care sectors for a while, building on experiences from other sectors such as industry and agriculture – but what are the factors in play, when introducing robots in the "softer" field of healthcare? The technology has to be state-of-the-art but the elements of human-robot interaction and ease-of-use play perhaps an even greater part than the technology itself when it comes to user acceptance and adoption. Robots have been named the great savior in a healthcare sector struggling to find enough staff to diagnose, treat and care for an increasing number of patients – but also as a key element in both organizational logistics and personal care and rehabilitation outside of hospitals. How close are we to fulfilling any of these prophecies in Danish hospitals? And is it even realistic?

The conference aims at presenting the latest technological breakthroughs and future perspectives along with best practice examples and experiences from the health and care sectors where the robots are slowly but surely making their entrance. For a glimpse into the future, the conference will also address how drones could possibly play a key part in the future for Odense University Hospital.

Price: DKK 650 / € 89 + VAT

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10 Oct 2017 - Paid event

In every implementation, we experience everything from challenges, barriers, valuable learnings and success stories. To prevent us “implementers” from re-inventing the wheel or making the same mistake numerous times all over Europe, this conference opens up the possibility of sharing these experiences with a wide group of people.  As part of a European collaboration, the ACT@Scale partnership knows how important it is to share experiences and that we are already wiser now than we started.

During this conference day, our speakers from all over Europe will reflect on their own learnings, both good and bad, from their work with health and social care services. To ensure focus on knowledge sharing and valuable discussions, the event will be very interactive by combining short presentations with discussions.

The conference will include Insights from Scotland and the Basque Country, New visions for Cross-sector collaboration and citizen-centered innovation, The importance of combining implementation with communication, Insights from the ACT@Scale project, and the view on telehealth and care coordination seen from the perspective of the Danish national eHealth platform

Limited seats (40 seats available) so make sure you don’t miss out!

Price DKK 375 / € 50 + VAT

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Free event
09 - 12 Oct 2017 - Free event

Explore the Danish healthcare system and get inspired.

During WHINN - Week of Health and INNovation it will be possible to combine participation in WHINN events with a delegation visit to relevant Danish hospitals and health authorities.

Healthcare DENMARK coordinates a programme tailored to your interests and needs. If you are interested in a delegation visit, please fill out this enquiry form and send it to Tanja Staniok,

Due to the great interest in the delegation visits last year, we recommend you to sign up as soon as possible and no later than September 8, 2017

Healthcare DENMARK has a unique national and political mandate to promote Danish healthcare excellence and visibility internationally. We organize delegation visitor programmes tailored for foreign decisionmakers and welcome foreign press delegations. We give you the opportunity to experience innovative healthcare solutions in practice and meet the people behind, all part of an extensive network of public and private actors

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10 Oct 2017 - Free event


Are you on the look-out for an investor and/or network? Or do you simply want to know more about how investors and venture capitalists operate?  If so, join us at this year WHINN Pitchfire.

Audience - what's in it for you?
As an audience to this conference you will experience a number of pitches from different startups and SME’s as well as keynote Nicolaj Højer Nielsen. Nicolaj is a startup funding expert and will introduce you to the dimensions and importance of the “perfect” pitch.

Register now as audience below.

Program for WHINN Pitchfire

13:00   Opening: Region of Southern Denmark; Jørgen Bjelskou, Chief Operating Officer

13.05   Introduction to Scale-Up Denmark – hub for Health and Welfare Technology; Accelerace

13:15   Keynote: How to get funding for your health-tech startup; Nicolaj Højer Nielsen, startup funding expert

14:00   Break and network

14:15   LIVE: Pitch-session 1: Early stage and student startups +  Awarding the winners

15:15   Break and network

15:30   LIVE: Pitch-session 2: Mature startups and healthcare companies

16:20   Awarding the winners

17:00   Pre-dinner drinks in OCC  

Are you ready to join the Pitchfire competition?
Are you an SME and startup with the ambition to get better at presenting your company and idea? Or are you on the look-out for an investor and/or network? If so, join us at this year WHINN Pitchfire Competition. You can sign up for the competition and read more here.


  • Welfare Tech Invest
  • Syddansk Innovation
  • EWII
  • Henrik Harboe, Business Angel
  • CONNECT Denmark members and invited investors.
  • The Danish Growth Fund

Information for investors
If you are an investor and interested in the event in general or interested in a seat in the panel please contact Investment Manager Michael Hansen: +45 23 414 007 or

Free to attend but a no show fee will be charged DKK 500 / € 70 + VAT

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Paid event
10 Oct 2017 - Paid event

FEW SEATS AVAILABLE so please register now!


WHINN DINNER is a networking dinner for all attendee during WHINN. 

At the WHINN DINNER we will give you a great networking opportunity to meet up with attendees from all the events, activities and conferences during WHINN, 

We will serve a 3 coursed exclusive dinner with wine included. And we will treat your mind and soul with surprising entertainment. After dinner we will open the networking areas with cash bars. Make sure to also wear your dance shoes because we will invite you to have a dance after the dinner and entertainment. 

We will announce the programme during the summer. 

Shuttle busses will be provided from the Congress Center.

Price DKK 600 / € 80 + VAT


10 Oct 2017 - Free event


Join us for an amazing networking opportunity. Meet the exhibitors, sponsors, organizors and attendees from other activities during WHINN. 

Everyone is invited to this great Opening Reception on the first official night of WHINN - Week of Health and INNovation and the chance to connect and network with like-minded people. 

This is also the pre dinner drinks before the WHINN DINNER.

Free to attend but a no show fee will be charged DKK 500 / € 70 + VAT




11 Oct 2017 - Free event

Learn about the newest trends in the field of dementia from acknowledged researchers, health and care specialists, innovative practitioners and associations representing people suffering from dementia and their relatives.

Medicine is not the only way to treat people suffering from dementia. Disease prevention, rehabilitation and environmental therapy are some of the approaches to the illness gaining ground. The first experiences with a more holistic approach to the persons suffering from dementia indicates that involving the health professionals and the relatives in a combination with use of technological solutions gives new ways of handling the disease which promote quality of life for everyone involved.

No show fee DKK 1.000 / € 135 + VAT

Attendees at this conference are offered a free of charge site event Tuesday 10th October. Choose between

  • Study tour to the Dementia village in Svendborg
    Inspired by the dementia village De Hogeweyk in Holland, the Municipality of Svendborg has developed a dementia village that provides people with dementia and their relatives with an active daily life and inclusion in the society. 

    Learn about the supporting infrastructure, the activities, the involvement of volunteers and the research taking place in the dementia village

  • Study tour to Kallerupvej, an open centre for interaction, exchange of knowledge and ideas.

    Kallerupvej is a new type of initiative in Denmark, aiming at delivering support to both persons with dementia living in their own home and their relatives.

    In the centre both persons with dementia and their relatives can meet, exchange ideas and develop new activities. That way the centre continuously offer a wide range of activities to the users. 

    Learn how the centre provides the users with a likeminded community, support, latest knowledge and clarifications about opportunities that can ease everyday life for persons with dementia and their relatives. 

    Both study tours has a limit of 30 attendees!
    For the study tours there will be a no show fee for DKK 500 / € 70 + VAT

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12 Oct 2017 - Paid event

Kan vi finde en vej og passe på vores mentale sundhed i et fremtidsperspektiv, som vi ikke helt ved hvor går hen? Hvad er det vi skal forstå? Kan vi ruste os og komme på forkant med nogle af de tendenser, vi aner i det fjerne, som både kan udfordre og styrke vores mentale sundhed? Kan det der synes som dystre toner ændres til noget der dur?

Pris DKK 1.350 + moms




Free event
09 Oct 2017 - Free event

Bits & Beers is an atypical event connecting businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs, and makers in the relaxed bar atmosphere, with the structure of a well organized business event. Talks are short, being held to a strict 10 minutes. The aim is that speakers get a chance to communicate their experiences and values, and the event creates facilities for network and interaction across the attendees.

Bits & Beers is held after work, where one can drop by for a drink and enjoy the atmosphere, including: DJs, interactive installations, performances, and other geeky/nerdy fun. In addition to the relaxed cafe area, we have a conference room with full presentation facilities where speakers from varied industries and walks of life join us to share their experiences and expertise on the theme of the event.

Preliminary agenda:


Networking and dinner (only for pre-bookings)

DJ - Big-N


What's the Future for Wearable Tech? by João Bocas, the wearable Expert

Assisted living aid by Anne-Mette Andkjær, CEO, Gloria Mundi Care

Virtual Reality - is it a wild idea in healthcare? by Michael Lundorff Hansen


Networking and Music

DJ - Big-N


Music as medicine; how can music heal? by Indre Viskontas, Professor at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the University of San Francisco

Your Heart's Second Change by Habib Frost, M.D., CEO & Founder of Neurescue

Bridging the Offline and Online World - How Social Media can transform your real-world connections by Stefan Buttigieg, M.D, Malta & Danielle Siarra, Nurse, USA


Networking and Music

DJ - Big-N

You can buy tickets with or without food.

Price for food tickets: DKK 150 / € 21 + VAT (beverages excluded)
Without food the event is for free. The bar is open to buy drinks. 
(Free to attend but a no show fee will be charged DKK 500 / € 70 + VAT) 

Organized by:




09 Oct 2017 - Paid event

On how big data and open data can facilitate new business opportunities, better healthcare services and a smarter and more efficient use of resources. But in order to achieve these goals we need creativity, innovation and determination. Come and hear from the visionaries who will take us there and learn about what they are already doing and how you can get there too.

Case presentations:
Through presentations we will take a look at what prospects there are today when working with user generated (the citizens) Big data/Open data, how it is used, while also looking ahead to what might come next in the near future. The healthcare sector especially holds great potential when it comes to Big data analysis and utilizing open data as the cases presented will demonstrate.

Infrastructure and methodology already available:
Furthermore there is a highly advanced national infrastructure already available and open to use for public and private organisations developing solutions for today and aspiring to shape the future as well. It allows for a standardized and effective access to national health-IT services. By having data be available through the infrastructure, it will allow for a much smoother and more proactive healthcare as practitioners, clinicians and so forth can have access to citizen generated data, which will give them a more complete picture of the citizen’s/patient’s treatment and overall health.

Price: DKK 450 / € 62 + VAT

Organised by:



Free event
11 - 12 Oct 2017 - Free event


TUS Nordics is the largest Unmanned Systems conference, expo and demo in Northern Europe. TUS Nordics is a fully integrated international trade show and conference, focusing on the core capabilities of the Nordics and more, attracting a wide range of industry stakeholders from across the entire Unmanned Systems industry. 

The conference is being developed together with University of Southern Denmark, UAS Denmark, UAS Test Center Denmark and other Nordic associations, which provides a unique Nordic perspective. The conference will include high quality speakers from around the world. The aim is to expand the Northern European UAS market and technological development to all international players within the industry.

The expo and demo are free events, the conference and masterclass are paid events.

Tus Expo Nordic Registration is not a part of WHINN why you can read more and register here 


Registration opens in June 2017

eHealth Roadshow

Free event
11 Oct 2017 - Free event

IV eHealth Roadshow @ WHINN 2017 in Odense

Apply to the second eHealth Road-show and snatch the opportunity to expose your digital health solution in only 5 minutes pitch! The presentations will be followed by a Q&A session in which the members of the committee will give valuable feedback to your business case.

The event is organised as part of the EU-funded eHealth Hub project, one of whose aims is to support commercialization within the eHealth sector. 

Companies interested in this free service need to apply online. Each application will be reviewed and companies will be selected and invited to pitch at the eHealth Roadshow. The selection criteria include, among others the maturity of the project, revenues and internationalization readiness.

Important dates

  • Application deadline: 15. September 2017
  • Announcement of selected companies: 21. September 2017
  • Event: 11 October 2017, 09:00-12:00CET

The committee members include:

  • Mads Rasmussen – CEO, Welfare Invest
  • Anders Quitzau – Innovation Executive, IBM
  • Johnny Killerup Pedersen – CEO, Converzion
  • Peter Frank – General Secretary, ScanBalt BioRegion
  • Søren Aggestrup – Special Advisor, Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation
  • Kurt Espersen – COO, The Region of Southern Denmark
  • Christian Graversen – CEO, Welfare Tech
  • Valeria Galanti - Oticon Medical

It is free to attend but you have to apply to attend this event. Apply here - questions can be send to Dr. Mercedes Dragovits, email: dragovits@steinbeis-europa.detel.: +49 721 9351 9114

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11 Oct 2017 - Free event

This cluster meeting will bring together specialists from across Europe to share the results and knowledge gained from actions funded by the EU Health Programmes with the main aim to support Member States in their work to promote health and prevent and manage non-communicable diseases.

It will give an opportunity to get hands-on and key information about how EU resources are used through the Health Programme to improve their lives in terms of preventing and better managing non-communicable diseases as well as meet the action leaders for a personal discussion and exchange.

Non-communicable diseases account for the vast bulk of the money spent by health and social systems, and up to 7% of GDP – not to mention many thousands of lives – are unnecessarily lost due to the impact of non-communicable diseases that are, to a large extent, preventable. Many non-communicable diseases share the same behavioural risk factors: smoking, alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity. According to recent estimations, more than 30% of the overall burden of disease across the EU can be attributed to such risk factors.

The Health Programme
The Health Programme financially supports a wide range of pan-EU actions in virtually all health fields. One of its main objectives is to promote health, prevent diseases and foster supportive environments for healthy lifestyles. To achieve this objective the Programme supports   actions that focus on e.g. promoting healthy nutrition and physical activity, combating childhood obesity and diabetes as well as developing and assessing integrated care options for persons with multiple chronic illnesses. Please visit our database to learn more about the actions co-funded:

Free to attend but a no show fee will be charged DKK 500 / € 70 + VAT

Organized by

11 Oct 2017 - Free event

UDSOLGT - men mulighed for optagelse på venteliste

Det danske sundhedsvæsen står over for massive udfordringer inden for de næste år i forhold til at skulle håndtere et stigende antal patienter med kroniske lidelser.

Èn af de metoder, der med fordel kan tages i brug i håndtering af denne udfordring, er anvendelse af Patient Recorded Outcome - bedre kendt som PRO data.

Ved denne event vil du blive præsenteret for eksempler på, hvorledes data kan opsamles og opbevares sikkert, og anvendes i klinisk sammenhæng til gavn for både patienter og fagprofessionelle.

Apple Danmark vil i samarbejde med og Region Syddanmark kommer med eksempler på, hvorledes anvendelsen af PRO data kan gavne den danske sundhedssektor, vise succesfulde eksempler på cases fra Danmark og udlandet, samt give et indblik i, hvorledes de udfordringer, der opstår ved anvendelsen af PRO data, kan adresseres. 

Gratis at deltage men der opkræves et gebyr på kr. 500,- ved no show.


Organiseres af Apple Danmark

12 Oct 2017 - Free event

Thursday the 12th October 2017, Forskerparken 10 building G, Odense, Denmark

Long distance between healthcare professionals and patients is becoming less of a barrier to the access of healthcare because of telemedicine. What is telemedicine, how does it work and how can we take advantages of it? Which impact does it have on patients, nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals? Do you want to know the answers? This event is just for you!

The event is aimed at students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate, diploma or graduate programme and have the interest to know more about telemedicine. The day offers you a presentation of telemedicine, demonstration of specific telemedicine solutions as well as case studies with innovative thinking and discussion. In collaboration with other students you will have the opportunity to present your results from case study to the responsible experts or public authorities.

The event will be conducted in Danish at CoLab Plug & Play which is a test- and demonstration environment for telemedicine, home monitoring and cross sectoral healthcare IT.

The event is free to participate in however we will claim a no show fee of 350DKK.

Programme 12th October 2017



11. 45 AM

Registration opens at Forskerparken 10G, UserLab

12. 00 PM

Welcome & outline of the day

12. 10 PM

Presentation of telemedicine

12.30 PM

Case demonstrations and introductions

12.45 PM

Case study and workshop

01.45 PM

Coffee and networking

02.45 PM

End of the day