Speakers at WHINN 2018 - more speakers to come

Meet our first speakers

Anders Meinert Petersen

Anders Meinert is Chief Medical Officer in Mental Health Services in the Southern Region of Denmark. He is healthcare execute with lots of leadership experience, a great interest in patient empowerment and new medical technologies. His professional aim is to make a positive difference for patients.

Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark offers assessment, diagnosis and treatment of citizens with serious mental disorders. Departments and functions cover general psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, geronto-psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, psychiatric emergency rooms, psychiatric information centres and centres for survivors of trauma and torture.

Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark is a University Hospital with 600 beds including children and adolescents and forensic psychiatry. The outpatient services cover 275.000 visits per year.

The Mental Health Service includes a Centre for Telepsychiatry and a national clinic for Internet-based cognitive therapy.

Anders speaks in the sessions:

Anders Møller Jensen

Anders Møller Jensen (AMJ) PhD student at OPEN, Clinical Institute, University of Southern Denmark and Development Consultant at VIA Aging and Demens Center for Research, VIA University College. AMJ is a graduate in Sport and Health (Cand.scient.) From the University of Southern Denmark (2003) and has since worked with the elderly, specifically the issues of dementia care.

First recruitment was as project manager at Reminiscence Center in Ringkjøbing County (Kulturremisen Brande) (2003) and was assigned to the CVU Mid-West Development and Research Department in Skive in connection with Reminiscen's Research Project (2005). Since the VIA University College merger (2008), AMJ has been employed as a development consultant for research and development, with dementia as a specialty.

Since 2010, AMJ has served as an external consultant in the field of reminiscence at the National Science Center for Dementia - Rigshospitalet. In the period 2012 - 2016, elected to the board of the Danish Gerontological Society. AMJ started as a PhD student September 2013 in a project for hospitalization of Alzheimer's patients.

Anders speaks in the session 'How can hospitals develop dementia friendly environments?'

Annette Johannesen

Consultant and specialist in dementia care.

Annette speaks in the session 'How to increase quality of life for persons with dementia living at home?'

Camilla & Frits Lykke

Camilla Lykke and Frits Lykke are ambassadors for the ONE OF US organization in Denmark. They volunteer in the organization and give speeches on how it is to have a mental illness and what is like to be a peer. ONE OF US’ purpose is to reduce the stigma related to mental illness in Denmark. Their vision is a society where there is no more discrimination and exclusion of people who have or have had a mental illness. “No more silence, doubt and taboo about mental illness” summarizes their determination.

Camilla and Frits speaks in the session: 'Life before and after a psychiatric diagnosis'

Carsten Obel

Carsten Obel, Professor of Mental Health in the Department of General Medicine, Department of Public Health, Aarhus University, and Director Center for Health Cooperation, Aarhus University; has many years of experience in mental health research. Carsten has contributed to planning and conducting a number of Danish cohort studies, including studies conducted under the Danish birth cohort, where he is also in the steering committee.

Carsten has been part of the research group that established the Nordic Children's Database, with more than 7 million. children born in Sweden, Finland and Denmark since 1990. In 2006, Carsten Obel began working on organizing primary health care in Danish municipalities and initiated the web platform skolesundhed.dk, which is an interactive epidemiological platform that shares data between municipalities and the research community.

Carsten speaks in the sessions:

Christian Mercado

Experienced Head Of Unit with a demonstrated history of working with digitalization in the public sector, currently within digital innovation across sectors in the hospital & health care industry. Strong business development professional skilled in project and program management, agile methodologies, and IT strategy.

Christian is moderating session debate: 'Debate on data sharing and ethics'


Christina Roosen

European professional with over a decade of Public Affairs & Public Relations experience, working with leading Non-Profit organizations, Governments and Startup's in educating and transforming health & care in Europe via innovative technologies. 

Very strong network of key stakeholders in the digital health & care sector - both industry and non-industry. 

8 years of experience in executive positions with HIMSS Europe, a leading digital health non-profit organization. 

Significant experience in managing multi-cultural teams, organizing large pan-European events with governments, the European Commission and the IT industry plus managing national and regional communities. 

Christina is a WHINN Ambassador and is also the moderator at WHINN TALKS! Wednesday 10th October 2018. 

Christina Wanscher

Christina E. Wanscher is network manager of the innovation network RoboCluster, which specializes in the field of robotics. She has an in-depth knowledge in the fields of open innovation and digitalization and has until recently worked in the field of digital health. She is focused on bringing people together as she is a firm believer that the best ideas are created on the foundation of many.

Christina is moderating the Track 11 'Leadership and change in Healthcare: What are the opportunities and the challenges that follow the increasing requirements in organisations' sustainability performance?'

Claus Duedal Pedersen

10 years experience of operating and coordination of large scale national and international eHealth project.

Specialties: Over 10 years of experience in the communication technologies have giving me a good foundation as project manager. During 1995-2000 I have worked extensively with quality development, user surveys and evaluations at the Development Section at the county of Funen. Since March 2000 I have worked as a consultant at the Danish Centre for Health Telematics, as administrator of projects within eHealth technologies in both regional national and international perspectives.

Claus speaks at the track 'Implementing eHealth – is it really that difficult?'

Claus Nielsen

I have always been passionate how current and future technologies can transform the lives for people, especially for people living with chronic conditions, functional disabilities or due to aging. I'm currently working om some ground breaking projects with potential to make a change for many people. I proudly serve as the Vice chair for Personal Connected Health Alliance Europe.

Claus is a cancer and diabetes patient and will share his story. 

Claus speaks in the session 'How are you today?' and will be the WHINN TALKS! moderator Thursday 11th October. 


Fredrik Debong

My way in life seems to be solving problems I have.

In 1984 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which led me to be one of the cofounders of mySugr, with the goal of making diabetes therapy more fun and engaging. 

The diabetes management system we developed is, among other interesting tidbits, one of the first apps in the AppStore which is a standalone "medical device", carries the CE mark and has been developed in accordance to European and US medical device guidelines and laws.

Fredrik speaks in the session 'How are you today?'

Iben Kromann

Iben has a Master’s degree in political science with a special focus on combining New Public Management with ICT innovation. She has been politically active with four years as member of the Regional Council. She also has experience as a consultant in the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, where she has been working within Public and Private Innovation and as a project manager for a wide range of IT projects including Nordic PPI. She is currently Team Coordinator for the Team of Telemedicine.

Iben speaks in the session 'Debate on data sharing and ethics'

Jakob Kjellberg

Jakob Kjellberg has 15 years of experience in evaluating health care. The focus of the evaluations is based on evaluations of the cost effectiveness of medicines, eg when assessing grant status in the primary sector, or whether new expensive drugs should be part of standard treatment, for analysis of settlement systems consequences for indications and waiting list development.

Jakob speaks in the session: 'What's on the modern sustainability agenda & Value based healthcare – the new mantra?'

Jens Strandbech

Jens is moderating track 1A and 1B 'Is Digital Health the future healthcare'

Jens Winther Jensen

CEO and Medical Director, Central Region, Denmark

Jens speaks in the session: 'No more talk - can I see some real examples of personalized medicine?'

Julie Kalsi

Karsten Uno Petersen

Elected member of the Regional Council, Region of Southern Denmark, Chair of the Construction and Innovation Committee and Member of the EU Committee of the Regions.

Karsten speaks at 'WHINN Pitchfire Finals'

Kirsten Groth Willesen

Kjeld Møller Petersen

Kjeld Moeller Pedersen, Professor, Health Economics and Health Policy, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark

Kjeld speaks in the session: 'How do we design sustainable healthcare for a new generation?'

Knud Damgaard Andersen

Background in political science, with emphasis on public sector governance and organizational theory. 
Head of section with specialty in persons with dementia and care for elderly persons.

Works with various projects and initiatives regarding dementia: from early onset and diagnosis to development of methods to avoid aggression from persons with dementia i care homes, and currently in Municipality of Odense, responsible for developing and implementing new stragegy on dementia, focused on life in the city, dementia friendliness, and methods in care and support.

Knud is the moderator for track 9: 'How do we support a good life with dementia?'

Kristian Kidholm

Head of research at CIMT - Center for Innovative Medical Technologies at Odense University Hospital and University of Southern Denmark.

Assisting the clinical staff at Odense University Hospital in research and HTA, in particular research in telemedicine. 

WP-leader in European Telemedicine Projects: Renewing Health and United4Health.
WP-leader in FP7 research project on hospital based HTA: AdHopHTA, see http://www.adhophta.eu/
WP-leader in Danish research project on telemedicine and welfare technology: Patient@home.
WP-leader in United4Health - a EU financied telemedicine reserach project

Associate professor in Health Economics at University of Southern Denmark.

Currently working on HTA of: 
o Apps for patients
o Telemedicine rehabilitation for COPD patients

Specialties: HTA, mini-HTA, MAST - Model for Assessment of Telemedicine applications, health economics, estimation of willingness to pay.

Kristian speaks in the session: 'What are the legal and economic aspects of digital healthcare?'

Marie Paldam Folker

Marie Paldam Folker is Head of Department at Centre for Telepsychiatry.

At Centre for Telepsychiatry Marie is responsible for the development and implementation of digital mental health interventions in the Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark. Her role is also to identify and facilitate strategic partnerships to ensure that digital mental health technologies are developed and deployed in a way that maximizes benefits for end-users – both patients and mental health care providers. She is highly experienced in user-driven innovation methodologies and has a long track record of working with and connecting users, healthcare providers, industry, academia and the voluntary sector.

Marie speaks in the session: 'Life before and after a psychiatric diagnosis'


Marie Pettersson

As an experienced sustainability professional I have worked to strengthen the sustainability performance in a large number of businesses and industries.

My specialties are: 
- Sustainability strategy
- Management systems 
- Communication and training
- Sustainability reporting 
- Environmental and working environmental legislation
- Audits and legal compliance
- Ecology / Ecosystem services
- Sustainable healthcare

Marie speaks at the session: 'What's on the modern sustainability agenda & Value based healthcare – the new mantra?'

Martin von Haller Gronbaek

Martin von Haller Groenbaek is a Copenhagen-based lawyer specialised in IT-law, working with tech startups, and an expert on open source. He is recognised for his solid legal skills and as an innovative thought leader and strategist within the IT industry.

Martin is a partner in Bird & Bird, an international leading law firm in business sectors where technology plays a key role, and member of the firm’s Danish and international Tech and Comms Group.

He is one of Denmark’s leading IT lawyers with almost 20 years’ experience of advising Danish and international organisations, including large blue chip companies, on legal and commercial matters in connection with IT in a wide sense. He is considered a pioneer with respect to the legal aspects of Online Technology Solutions (eCommerce, Internet and web services), Cyber and IT security. He was a co-founder of the Danish E-commerce Association (FDIH).

Martin speaks in the session: 'What are the legal and economic aspects of digital healthcare?'

Mette Bossen Linnet

Elected member of the Regional Council, Region of Southern Denmark, Chairman of the Digitization Committee and Member of the Social and Psychiatry Committee

Mette speaks in the session: 'What are the visions for Digital HealthCare?'

Mette Foldager

Project Manager at The University Hospital Odense.

Mette speaks in the session: 'How can hospitals develop dementia friendly environments?'

Michel Nemery

In 2013 I established Denmarks first needs and user driven Innovation Unit within the clinical setting of my department – to make innovation a core clinical delivery, and to challenge my staff and organization routinely.

The Innovation Unit is a Public Private Innovation Partnership between Herlev and Gentofte Hospital and Siemen Healthineers – currently with a primary strategic focus on CT-screening and emergency imaging.

I am a dedicated innovator committed to thinking-outside-the box in my organization and for my profession. I did the first Innovation Leadership Challenge at Stanford/DTU in 2012, .

As an experienced leader I have been the chariman of the department of Radiology at Herlev and Gentofte Hospital since 2008. I am a neuroradiologist and I have co-chaired the Board of Radiology of the Capital Region of Denmark since 2010.

I am a passionate and experienced motivational speaker on healthcare innovation, digital transformation + artificial intelligence and leadership.

Michel speaks in the session: 'How can we use Artificial Intelligence in Radiology?'

Morten Hoff

Head of Consultant / Program Manager at Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark.

Morten speaks at the session: 'What is the new black in private-public cooperation?'


Neil Eastwood

Author of Saving Social Care, the definitive book on finding and keeping frontline care staff, International Keynote speaker, Founder of Sticky People. Helping healthcare employers and Governments around the world solve the care workforce crisis. All book royalties donated to the Care Workers Charity.

Neil speaks in the track: 'Sustainable Hospitals - Hospitals of the future: "health factories" or "wellness facilities"?'


Nina Andersen

Head of Acute Team Odense.

Nina speaks in the session: 'How do we keep people out of the hospital'

Ole Graumann

Ole Graumann, Associate Professor, MD, PhD
Chief consultant, Radiology Department, Odense University Hospital, Denmark
Head of section & Radiological Innovation Unit, Odense University Hospital, Denmark 
Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark
Associate Professor, Aarhus University

Early detection and fast minimal invasive treatment has become his main practical and scientifically work. It´s his personally mission to enlighten the world to minimal invasive ablation – and he has educated doctors world-wide in Cryo ablation since 2016. 

August 2018, he founded Radiological Innovation Unit at Odense University hospital. His colleague Jarl Christensen´s knowledge and network has become a cornerstone in his work - PPI AGREEMENT is a game chancer in the medical world and the absolute best solution for the patient. 

Main areas of interest are:

  • Diagnostic Radiology 
  • Minimal invasive cancer treatment
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Ole speaks in the session: 'How can we use Artificial Intelligence in Radiology?'


Ole Kjeldsen

Ole os accountable for driving Microsoft’s relevance and leadership in technology
& security policy debates and articulating Microsoft‘s technology vision, strategy and capabilities to influence Government adoption of Microsoft services & devices. Engaging with policy makers, politicians and other decision makers in close alignment with Legal & Government Affairs.

Ole speaks in the session 'Debate on data sharing and ethics'




Peder Jest

Peder is Executive Director and CMO at Odense University Hospital, Denmark. Has worked with Health IT for more than 22 years on a clinical Chief Information Officer Level. He is responsible for both clinical, quality and health IT areas at the university hospital, has a wide range of European and international contacts in Health IT and focus on innovation in every aspect of his working areas.

Peter Rahbaek Juel

Peter Rahbaek is the Mayor of the City of Odense. 

Peter Rahbaek is the keynote speaker at WHINN TALKS! in the opening keynote.

Ralph Echemendia - 'The Ethical Hacker'

Ralph Echemendia is a world-renowned cyber security expert, known internationally by his alter ego “The Ethical Hacker.” For over 20 years, Ralph has delivered training on hacking and other security information to corporations including the US Marine Corps, NASA, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, AMEX, Intel, Boeing, Symantec, and IBM.

His portfolio of work and reputation as a leading professional across several industries has landed him the credibility to make appearances on CNN, Fox News, USA Today, and Forbes, to name a few. Ralph took his talents to Hollywood, California and has worked with award-winning Director Oliver Stone as a technical supervisor on films such as “Savages” and “Snowden” as well as as other projects such as the film “Nerve” and award-winning TV series Mr. Robot.

He has now joined forces with some of the music industry and Hollywood’s most influential names and is working on cutting edge technology for consumer cyber security. Ralph has also been a featured speaker/panelist/keynote at events such as DigitalK in Bulgaria, WoHiT in Barcelona, The Customer Contact Expo in London, Georgetown Law University Cyber Event, WHiNN in Denmark, Raytheon’s Public Sector Cybersecurity Summit in Washington, DC, Austin’s South by Southwest ® (SXSW ®), the LA Film Festival, the Tribeca Film Festival, Pioneers Festival 17 in Vienna and Web Summit to name a few.

His jaw dropping “Hacking Hollywood” appearance has been presented at Creative Artists Agency, the Digital Entertainment World Expo, the Content Protection & Piracy Summit, as well as the Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit.

Ralph will be a keynote speaker at WHINN TALKS!

Dr. Richard Milani

Dr. Milani currently serves as the Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, Vice-Chairman of the Department of Cardiology at Ochsner Health System and Professor of Medicine, at Ochsner Clinical School – The University of Queensland School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana.  His background and research focuses on population health with a special interest in chronic disease and medical informatics.

He serves as the Medical Director of Innovation Ochsner (iO), a health innovation accelerator that is a subsidiary of the Ochsner Health System. After receiving his Internal Medicine training at the University of Florida, Dr. Milani completed fellowships in Critical Care Medicine at the University of Florida, Preventive Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology at Harvard University (Massachusetts General Hospital), and Cardiovascular Diseases at Ochsner Clinic Foundation.

He has authored over 500 medical publications and serves as a frequent lecturer for healthcare systems and Fortune 500 companies.  Additionally, he is a reviewer for several medical journals, and is author of the book: Death and Dollars: Solving the Epidemic of Chronic Disease.

Dr. Milani speaks at:



Richard Wheeler

Richard Wheeler is an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning who did his post-graduate work at the University of Edinburgh with a focus on symbolic knowledge based systems including case-based reasoning, and fuzzy and chaotic systems design.  He has worked for the World Health Organisation in Geneva, The University of Edinburgh (both as a researcher and as the Head of Commercialisation for the School of Informatics), and was a research manager at Starlab Brussels.  He joins SAAM on behalf of BILSP as a primary technology architect, and to apply his skills in business development to ensuring that SAAM reaches as many users as possible. 

His on-going research interests in SAAM include ambient intelligence as applied to functionalizing social services and support, and large-scale embedding of sensors and intelligence in the urban fabric. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is also active in renewable energy and smart mobility as the European Projects Manager of the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance headquartered in Graz, Austria.

Sara Naseri

With sure voice and professionalism, Sara draws the future in technology development with a strong focus on the healthcare sector.

Before Sarah reached 25, she reached more than what most people do before they reach 50! Just 16 years old, she invented a unique nanochemical molecule, and has since taken several patents and lived on three continents.

In 2013, she was named female entrepreneur of the year, and now she is studying medicine while building two technology companies in the United States. Sara is a sublime speaker who, besides being a good old-fashioned nerd, loves to sing and dance.

Sara speaks in the tracks:

Dr. Sean McClure

Dr. McClure has worked for a number of companies throughout Silicon Valley. His work spans hands-on contribution to enterprise-scale AI platforms to Directing entire data science teams. After his Ph.D. Sean started his own consulting practice by founding Newline Analytics, bringing advanced analysis and data strategy to organizations.

After Newline, Sean joined ThoughtWorks as senior Data Scientist where he helped build AI-based products for some of the largest organizations in the US and abroad. Sean moved into the Director role with both Space-Time Insight and Doximity, leading teams of data analysts, data scientists and data engineers. Sean has built leading AI products for a variety of industries including retail, healthcare and Oil & Gas.

Sean speaks at:

Stephanie Lose

Stephanie Lose, President of the Regional Council of the Region of Southern Denmark and President of the Committee for Health Innovation and Commercial Cooperation, Danish Regions

Stephanie Lose is the keynote speaker at WHINN TALKS! in the opening keynote.

Stine Falk

Co-Creator of the future health care system.

Stine speaks in the session: 'How do we keep people out of the hospital?'

Soren Schultz Hansen

For more than 10 years I have has been gathering extensive empirical data about digital natives, digital transformation, digital management, work force and career in a digital age. 

These studies have been documented in several books and articles, indcluding "Digitaliseringens paradokser" (Paradoxes of Digitalization), "Digitale indfødte på job” (Digital Natives going to Work) and ”Årgang 2012” (Class of 2012).

Soren speaks in the session: 'What does Social Inclusion Mean for Early Prevention?'

Thomas Riisgaard

My professional mission is to make healthcare better by creating enjoyable, effective and innovative healthcare solutions. 

Currently, I am the CEO of Kite Invent. A company focused on improving healthcare through innovation. 

Previously, I was the Product Director and part of the executive board at Cetrea (now Maquet, Getinge Group), where I work with and directed marketing, innovation, design and development. I co-founded Cetrea in 2006 and have ever since worked on product, sales, and business strategies, designing great products as well as overcoming all the challenges facing start-up companies and learning along the way. In 2014, Maquet, Getinge Group acquired Cetrea. The mission is still the same, but the company is now part of much bigger family with amazing solutions and a true global reach.

Cetrea has always tried to be a different healthcare company and have worked extensively on how to integrate strong design and new pervasive and mobile technology into healthcare IT. It has been a challenging and innovative road and has led to several awards during the years most notable the “Red Herring Top 100 Global” award in 2011.

Before founding Cetrea I worked in academia for six years doing my Ph.D. in healthcare and interaction design, and teaching interaction design and pervasive computing for computer science students. My main research topic were how to solve healthcare problems by creating human-centered IT-solutions based on design, pervasive and ubiquitous computer technology.

Uffe Kock Wiil

Professional Experience: 

  • 25+ years of research and development experience focusing on information & knowledge management (visual data analytics), computer-supported cooperative work, software technologies, and distributed systems
  • 15+ years of research management experience from positions as dean, institute director, center director, and project manager

Primary areas of interest:

  • Health informatics: clinical decision support systems; patient empowerment; eHealth; mHealth
  • Security informatics: collection, analysis, and visualization of crime-related data; social network analysis and mining

Specialities: Research, development, consulting, and management

Uffe speaks in the session: 'What are the possibilities of the future with Digital Healthcare?'

Trine Kiil Naldal