Value based healthcare is the fundamental change needed to run professional health care.

Value based healthcare could be the new treatment paragdime and economic model for health care in the future.

With value-based treatment and management, the aim is to create an incentive structure where hospitals are rewarded for creating quality and consistency and not for the actual amount of treatments performed as most are today.

Most hospitals in Europe are partly financed by their ability to create volume. The more patients each hospital treats the more money it receives. The problem of a volume-based health care is that the quality is reduced to a non-existing parameter, or even worse – seen as equal to the volume and low cost. The answer could be value-based healthcare.

Key experts on Value Based Healthcare join WHINN at the IDC, OUH and Addingedge conference 10th/11th October 2017 in Odense

Keld Møller Pedersen, Professor at SDU and a world leading expert on value based healthcare. Keld joins to share his insight to why it is essential that we move to new health management structures and how it can be successfully done but not the least how we secure a framework that makes it possible to get the wished-for effect.

Michael Bech, CEO at KORA, Professor of Health Economics at KORA, the Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research. Michael leads the way for value based healthcare implementation in Danish hospitals and will share his insights to why it is inevitable to change to value based healthcare now to secure a health care system that works for the future. 

Bogi Eliasen, Futurist & Special Advisor on Future of Health/Head of Denmark Unit UNESCO Chair in Bioethics. Bogi share his research on how health expenses in the developed countries have grown explosively in an age when the citizen demands constantly improved health service. In addition, the population grows older. This calls for original thinking to solve the challenges and thinks that value based healthcare could be the foundation to succeed.



Join the discussions on value based healthcare at WHINN – register here and select “Valuebased Healthcare - How, Why and for Whom”

For more information contact Charlotte Poulsen, VP at IDC Nordic on or +45 24446502.



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