Update WHINN 2017

What is happening at WHINN at the moment?


The WHINN team is already working on some exiting activities to be a part of WHINN 2017. We are proud to announce that the first international conference is now in place: Hospital+ Innovation.

As always we will also present the WHINN activities:

    This is the 3rd year with WHINN EXHIBITION and this is the place to be. Experience state of the art exhibitors, live demos, working stations, talks and much more. 
    We will present 1500 sq.m. exhibition with the latest technology and innovative solutions. 
    If you are interested in the exhibition please contact us at info@whinn.dk or
    call us +45 4040 1282
    The exhibition is 10 - 11 October 2017

    Meet the attendees from other events and conferences during WHINN. 
    We will make sure you will have a nice dinner and entertainment. 
    WHINN DINNER is 10 October 2016
    More info will follow

    Explore the Danish healthcare system and get inspired.
    During WHINN - Week of Health and INNovation it will be possible to combine participation in WHINN events with a delegation visit to relevant Danish hospitals and health authorities.
    Read more here

    One of the very top business events at WHINN is the matchmaking event.
    The matchmaking will take place 10 - 11 October 2017
    More info will follow very soon.


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