Toolbox for working with welfare technology

The more than 1200 municipalities in the Nordic region have struggled to convert their increasing interest and multiple pilot projects within welfare technology into implemented solutions and thereby creating a new innovative reality for both citizens and staff alike.

Through the CONNECT initiative we have tried asking the questions:

How do Nordic municipalities generate more and better outcome from their projects? How do we ensure municipalities have or get the competences needed to better integrate the knowledge they obtain through projects into their municipal organization? What is needed for municipalities to become better at sharing their results and experiences across municipal border – and perhaps even across national borders?

With the off-set in municipal best practice, CONNECT has created an optimal process for working with welfare technology. For each of the nine steps in this process an individual toolbox has been created. So, if for instance, you haven't done a proper needs analysis – you can now simply look up that specific step and get recommendations, practical guidelines and suggestions for methods and tools as well as actual examples of how other municipalities have tackled this step.  

This toolbox is now available in all five Nordic languages as well as English. The toolbox will be presented in greater detail at the New Nordic Welfare Conference, which is a part of WHINN, by Odense municipality, Welfare Tech and The Nordic Welfare Centre.

We hope to see you at the conference – while we wait you are more than welcome to order the toolbox from our webpage (free of charge, we will even pay for shipping) – so please check out:

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