Three top tips for attending WHINN Matchmaking

WHINN Matchmaking 2017 provides an opportunity to meet and be seen by other attendees at WHINN

WHINN Matchmaking 2017 provides an opportunity to meet and be seen by other attendees at WHINN – Week of Health and INNovation. A previous attendee offers some useful tips about how to create a strong profile to secure new and exciting contacts.

Trade fairs and conferences are forums for expanding networks and generating new contacts for business development. WHINN – Week of Health and INNovation – is no exception. To make things easier and to ensure that you do not arrive home and discover that you may have missed out on meeting exciting profiles at WHINN, participating in WHINN Matchmaking, WHINN’s official matchmaking offer, is a great idea.

WHINN Matchmaking takes place on 11 and 12 October 2017 at Odense Congress Centre.

Attendance is possible on one or both days. We hope that this will give you the best possible opportunity for attending.

Create a strong profile
Henrik Klode from ANYgroup has three top tips for anyone wanting to attend WHINN Matchmaking

  1. Exhibit at WHINN Exhibition and attend WHINN Matchmaking. Working on two flanks is a good idea. Everything else being equal, this provides greater visibility. A longer meeting at the conference can always be set up later on.
  2. Be very clear about what you want to gain from the meetings. Are you a provider looking for a distributor, a new international market or new business partners? Or are you a buyer looking for a specialist solution or information about a particular field?
  3. Make an effort with your profile. If you have attended before, your old profile will have been saved in the programme, but please take a moment to read it and ensure that it is up to date. The simpler the way you present your solution or your requirements, the quicker other attendees will be able to determine whether they are interested in a meeting.

For further information
WHINN – Week of Health & INNovation – is a unique event which in a single week presents a range of conferences, events, innovation and networking activities in the fields of healthcare and innovation. In 2017, WHINN will be held on 9 to 12 October in Odense and will focus on the following topics: The hospitals of the future, value-based health and care and digital health.

View the full program for WHINN 2017.



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