Social Media and Healthcare Innovation

Social Media growth has surpassed beyond our expectations, and the amount of people using it everyday is growing

If you’ve never heard about the word Social Media in today’s world, especially if you’re working within the field of Healthcare IT, it just might be too difficult to believe especially in a country like Denmark having between 3 to 3.5 million monthly active people on Facebook.

Social Media growth has surpassed beyond our expectations, and the amount of people using it everyday is growing. The important question, that we all need to answer is, are we using it effectively? How can we provide valuable care to our patients through such engaging and interactive platforms.

Your first question might be: Why bother?

This is what happens in one minute of Social Media:

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Then you might tell me; how does WHINN fit into the whole picture?

Fortunately the availability of a number Social Media Analysis Tools such as NodeXL, Symplur Hashtags, Hootsuite, Buffer and Gephi give us the opportunity to take a deeper view and understanding of the potential impact of WHINN Social Media Network. Since WHINN is also about #DigitalHealth, I’ve decided to go ahead and explore the community. The memorable insights despite a number of limitations, where crucial in understanding how much we have to learn about the world of Digital Health and the true change-makers:

The image doesn’t do the work justice, so couldn’t resist sharing a video that I uploaded to Twitter which shows the process and the interactive aspect.

The true innovation happens from the ground up, and at WHINN you have the wonderful opportunity to experience this with your bare hands. As part of our exploratory adventure into the world of Digital Health, we decided how the numbers tally at the Symplur Healthcare Hashtag Project

The numbers are overwhelming. More than 1.5 billion tweets related just to healthcare! So let’s have a further look at #DigitalHealth. The beauty of these tools is that you can get an insight into who the influencers are and what is resonating with the Twitter population.

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We can even see how #DigitalHealth compares with other related Hashtags

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I can happily say that we’ve shared enough images and analysis. Let’s sit back and think: How can Social Media spur Healthcare Innovation? How can Social Media help you implement innovation at your workplace?

How can I learn about all of this?
The great news about all of this, is that I will be talking about my Social Media story with Danielle Siarri @innonurse at Bits and Beers and during one of the WHINN Talks in the exhibition floor. Find some time to hear about our story and see how you can use Social Media to inspire yours!

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