Meet the keynote speaker Professor Alf Rehn

The Freaky, Fantastic and Frightening Futures of Health Innovation

We are very proud to announce that during WHINN DINNER professor Alf Rehn will give his speech:

The Freaky, Fantastic and Frightening Futures of Health Innovation

There can be no doubt that the future of health innovation will be an interesting one, but how much do we actually know about it? In his keynote, professor Alf Rehn discusses the ways in which we can misinterpret the future of innovation, the ways in which we often blind us to some futures whilst believing blindly in others, and why humility and imagination are key competencies for successfully navigating the future landscape of health. By turns amusing and provocative, professor Rehn outlines how serious future thinking can be deployed within health innovation and beyond.

Alf Rehn is an accomplished academic and an internationally ranked thought-leader in innovation and creativity, who is active all over the globe as a keynote speaker and a strategic advisor. He is known for challenging and provoking audiences, and talks of things such as innovation ambition, seeing taboo futures, and why competence can be a competitive disadvantage. He is a devoted fan of coffee and trashy popular culture, and can be found at

Join us on this magic night with good food, networking, Alf Rehn and music. 

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