Joint procurement will secure more for less

In Denmark the public sector procures for about 40 billion Euros a year

In Denmark the public sector procures for about 40 billion Euros a year. And Denmark is a front runner as lowering costs continues to be a primary procurement mandate in addition to getting a higher quality for the money spent.

The Danish Government has just issued an initiative “Smarter procurement, better welfare” focusing on procurement across different sectors and organizations, which should ultimately lead to higher quality as well as provide savings in the purchasing of products. From across regions in Denmark that are responsible for the provision of healthcare, there are positive vibes. Utilizing each other’s experiences will create the foundation for the best arrangements which ultimately will lead to the best care for the citizens in Denmark. 

At WHINN you will be able to meet the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark which works in the field of public-private partnerships as well as innovative procurement. Meet us in the exhibition as well as during Match-Making.

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