Hospital in the cloud and Finnish erxpertise at WHINN

Finland has the only electronic health record system (Epic) installation that has layered clinical and social data proving the value of social determinants of health. The goal is to create a Unified Citizen View – utilizing a data-driven approach to leverage health and social welfare, patient safety and process effectiveness. Finland is bringing on line tens of Finnish digital health companies that will add value and improve the quality of data outcomes. This will result in a leading electronic health record system in quality management, decision sup- port, analytics, and predictive healthcare.

Hospital in the Cloud
Finnish healthcare’s transformative power, based on one of the most efficient health systems in the world and ongoing reform, will uniquely integrate healthcare and social care. This has empowered the university hospitals to build a joint national virtual hospital, which in practical terms means a digital service hub for specialist health care. All services and information will go digital allowing patients’ quick access to information, records, services, appointments etc. anytime from any location.

Finland’s deep roots in medical and mobile technology have moved it to the leader in pioneering 5G, next generation wireless, software and gaming technologies. Finland will continue to develop solutions that capitalize on yet to be discovered opportunities that the Internet of Things opens for healthcare. 

Finnish Expertise at WHINN
Finnish companies offer world-class know-how in a number of areas including measuring, monitoring & imaging; hygiene, facilities & logistics; in vitro diagnostics & laboratory solutions; healthtech-specific services and care & rehabilitation. Finnish health sector companies have achieved excellent results in several medical fields in Europe and globally, including cancer treatment, neurosurgery and orthopedics amongst others. Come visit the Finland Lounge at WHINN on October 10th 13.00-17.00 and learn more about how Finland develops hospital environments and care processes! 

More health-related information from Finland: – Your Gateway to Finnish Health Expertise

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