Apple’s newest interest is health care innovation.

New test setup for home monitoring in the health care sector.

Apple’s newest interest is health care innovation.

On May 22nd, nearly 60 representatives from Odense University Hospital (OUH) and other hospitals and municipalities as well as Apple gathered at CoLab Odense, who hosted an event about their new test setup for home monitoring in the health care sector.

In the test setup, data is collected via a device, e.g. a blood pressure monitor in the patient’s own home. Data is then uploaded to Apple’s Health Kit app and sent to the OUH app My Pathway where it is accessible from the electronic patient record. The test setup is tested at the Department of Nephrology at OUH. The patients will now be able to monitor their blood pressure themselves or with a homecare nurse – with this new set up, the rules of homecare have changed.

The purpose of the event was to encourage the use of home monitoring and inspire collaboration on creating digital connections between the patient’s home and the clinicians at the hospital.

The event included a presentation by Apple’s Worldwide Industry Lead in the health sector, Brian Gardner, who explained Apple’s interest in the health area, and a presentation on the app My Pathway by Jacob Glasdam from the company MedWare. Last, but not least, the test setup and experiences from working in it were presented.

“The aim is clear: CoLab Odense’s test setup will provide more knowledge on home monitoring. Patients will play an active role in his or her own clinical course, and doctors, nursing staff etc. at OUH and in the municipality easily can access the patient’s data”, said the manager at CoLab, Mette Damkjær Syse after the event.

The event resulted in a lot of new input and ideas for future cases where home monitoring is relevant.

If you have any questions regarding the event or the test setup, please feel free to contact CoLab Odense:

Mette Damkjær Syse, Manager:  / +45 6130 9919
Katrine Schousbøll Leth, Development consultant: / +45 30122 334


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