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Value-based health care - how, why and for whom?

Organised by IDC and Adding Edge

Healthcare is in most Western European countries designed from an incentive structure and an overall focus on volume rather than value, both in the treatment and outcome. The structure simply means that the more processed the greater turnover. This principle underlines the conflict with the idea of ​​prevention and health rather than illness should be given priority. In Europe there are initiatives emerging around a value-based healthcare, where both patients and healthcare providers sets the agenda for a truly quality driven and patient centric approach.

• Effective treatment
• Supportive home treatment
• Medicine & technology as interdependent
• Better effect and precision with pharmako
• Fewer readmissions and adverse events
• Satisfaction with treatment – Focus on patient omni experience

Value based healthcare could be the new treatment model and economic model for healthcare in the future. With value-based treatment and management, the aim is to create an incentive structure where hospitals are rewarded for creating quality and consistency and not for the amount of treatments performed.
IT managers in healthcare, and IT suppliers and pharmaceutical companies should support this trend and design digital solutions focused on this new management and treatment paradigm where low price and high volume is replaced with measuring outcomes and quality.

Today most healthcare providers in Europe are driven by:

• Low price
• High volume

Most of the hospitals in Europe is partly financed by their ability to create volume. The more patients each hospital treats the more money it receives either from the state or from the region. The problem of a volume-based healthcare is (of course) that the quality is reduced to a non-existing parameter, or even worse - that it is seen as equal to the volume and low cost. The answer is value-based healthcare, but it is very difficult to measure outcomes and even more difficult to control it financially. Denmark has identified several Regions and hospitals who shall implement a value based economical, managerial and clinical model in order to test and gain first hand experience. The projects start in early 2017.

Target group:
• Public decision makers
• IT companies
• Pharma companies
• Clinical staff
• Quality Managers
• Economy Heads of State, region
• Economy controllers

Preliminary tracks

1) Optimization through Digital Tools and support

2) Pharma – how can we improve patient outcome and optimize on usage of pharmaco

3) Practical experiences from a healthcare provider perspective

For more information contact Anne-Mette Bang, Adding Edge;

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