Confirmed Activities at WHINN

The WHINN programme is well on it's way and soon you can see the preliminary programme on our website

The WHINN programme is well on it's way and soon you can see the preliminary programmes on our website. For now, please see below all the confirmed activities. We keep confirming more activities every week, so please keep yourself updated on the website or register for our newsletter.

Registration will open as soon as we have closed the overall WHINN programme. 

A part from all the activities below we also invite companies from the City of Odense to be a part of our 'Open by Night' concept. Contact the WHINN office for further information



New Nordic Welfare 10 October 2017

Scandinavian and English conference focused on 

  • Best practice in the North
  • Health Technology in the City of Odense
  • Efficiency
  • Return on Investment

Organized by City of Odense and Welfare Tech

Workshop focused on Virtuel Reality 10 October 2017

Danish conference / Dansk konference

Temadagen henvender sig især til fagprofessionelle bredt inden for sundhed, velfærd og
socialområdet, udviklingskonsulenter fra kommuner og regioner samt udviklere, forskere og
andre interesserede som
arbejder med udvikling, implementering og anvendelse af Virtuel Reality. 

Organized by The Danish Technology Institute

Innovative Sense Technologies 10 October 2017

English events with focus on

  • Status and preliminary results from the project: Audio and Health (DTU, Danish Sound, AU)
    Conference include midway conference Audio & Health.
  • Ethics - what must be considered in relation. Sense technologies and vulnerable groups such as the mentally ill
    and dementia?
  • Cases from municipalities
  • Cases from companies
  • Demo in exhibition

Organized by Welfare Tech Innovation Network and DTU

Robots and Drones 10 October 2017

English conference focused on robots and drones.

Organized by Odense University Hospital and South Denmark University

WHINN DINNER 10 October 2017

Meet other attendees during WHINN in a more relaxed environment. 

WHINN DINNER is a networking dinner for all attendees at WHINN. 
Programme is on it's way. 

WHINN DINNER has a limit of 400 attendees.  

Hospital + Innovation 10 - 11 October 2017

English conference
Main topic is Hospital & Innovation in the New Health Paradigm.

The conference will focus on the 3 main topics of the new health paradigm:

  • Innovation in design, functionality and construction and hospitals
  • The role of the hospital in 2030
  • Genomics in hospitals

Organized by Healthcare DENMARK and Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies in collaboration with
Region of Southern Denmark

Valuebased Healthcare - How, Why and for Whom 10 - 11 October 2017

We share the same ambition of a long and healthy life for ourselves and our neighbors.
We have trusted health systems but see the grounds shaking under it and as much as we need it, it can't survive in its current form – it is expensive and outdated.​

The innovation accelerators as augmented and virtual reality, next generation security, 3D printing, IOT,
Cognitive and Robotics are entering the health arena and are starting to be available at a price and scale
which is attractive and it is time to act. We need to change. The current structure will need a reform, we
need to make necessary technology investments and we need to take important ethical discussions – now.​

Organized by IDC and Adding Edge

WHINN EXHIBITION 10 - 11 October 2017

Join us and visit our sponsors and exhibitors. 

We will showcase state of the art. Witness the many world class exhibitors, new product launches, educational sessions, company exhibitions and so much more!

WHINN MATCHMAKING 10 - 11 October 2017  

At the official WHINN MATCHMAKING you can book meetings with the other WHINN attendees and design your
own meeting schedule with pre-arranged face-to-face meetings. 

The event is a platform offering opportunities to meet potential partners for new business and for R&D projects.
You can meet representatives of companies, regions, hospitals, universities and research institutes offering or
requesting innovative solutions, investigating new collaborations.

Organized by Welfare Tech in collaboration with Cluster Excellence Europe and Enterprise Europe Network

Infection Control and Innovation 11 October 2017  

English conference
Preliminary programme is soon to be published

Organized by Odense University Hospital

Demantec Conference 11 October 2017

English Conference with focus on dementia.

Organized by Welfare Tech

WHINN DELEGATIONS (9) 10 - 12 October 2017

Explore the Danish healthcare system and get inspired. Read more here

Organized by Healthcare DENMARK

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