WHINN Programme Committee
WHINN Programme Committee
City of Odense

The Municipality of Odense has chosen to host WHINN 2018, because we want to support growth in Odense. We are the fourth largest municipality in Denmark with more than 15.000 employees, which makes us the largest workplace on Funen. We are organized into five departments that all have various areas of responsibilities and provide the residents of Odense with different services. In Odense, we focus on both welfare and growth. Our goal is to collaborate with needing citizens to increase their quality of life by supporting their everyday dreams and goals as well as their ability to live as independent lives as possible. In doing this we want to ensure, that we will have the necessary resources to help those who need support – now and in the future. 

“In the coming years the Municipality of Odense faces several challenges related to health services and elderly care. Therefore, we need to find new solutions and new ways of cooperating, to ensure a coherent patient care and the best possible rehabilitation and care of our elderly. Future welfare and health technologies are presented and discussed at WHINN 2018 and some of them may help solve some of the challenges we face” says Gitte Østergaard, CEO of the Department of Elderly and Disabled in Odense.


CIMT - Centre for Innovative Medical Technology

CIMT is established as a virtual centre consisting of staff from both the innovation and HTA departments at OUH, as well as senior managers and researchers from both SDU and OUH.

Researchers and research projects from several faculties and institutes at the university are included: The Faculty of Health Sciences, The Faculty of Engineering, the Institute of Clinical Research, the Institute for Sport Sciences and Clinical Biomechanics and The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute. In addition, an associate professor specialised in telemedicine research and several professors will be employed by CIMT.

The activities that will initially be incorporated into CIMT are: 7 ongoing PhD studies and 3 studies that are currently being prepared, 1 associate professorship in economy, 1 post doc, 1 assistant professorship and 1 associate professorship.

Connect Denmark

CONNECT Denmark is a non-profit and nationwide business network of approx. 800 members, who volunteer to help serious entrepreneurs and small businesses on their way with professional business and strategic sparring. The network consists of experienced and competent executives, experts and key employees from both small and large companies and organizations such as Oticon, Novo Nordisk, Eksportrådet, ZACCO, Jyske Bank, DI, Microsoft, EY, FLSmidth, SDTI A / S, DTU and the Growth Fund.

Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Contributing with knowledge and inspiration, the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies supports decision making. We identify and analyse trends that influence the future nationally and internationally. Through research, analysis, seminars, presentations, reports, and newsletters, we give advice on the future.

The objective of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is to strengthen the basis for decision making in public and private organisations by creating awareness of the future and highlighting its importance to the present.

Our work methods range from statistically based analysis and the identification of global trends, to more subjective emotional factors of importance to the future.

The work of the Institute is interdisciplinary. The staff represents various fields of academic and professional backgrounds such as economics, political science, ethnography, psychology, engineering, PR and sociology.

European Connected Health Alliance

Facilitating international multi-stakeholder connections around ecosystems, driving sustainable change and disruption in the delivery of health and social care.

With a direct presence in 40+ countries including spread Europe, USA, Canada and China, the ECHAlliance members develop innovative solutions around mobile health, chronic diseases, active & healthy ageing, the Internet of Things, wearables, personalised medicine, genomics, Big Data. Our wide impact can be seen on www.echalliance.com

We are a not-for-profit organisation.
The ECHAlliance is a Community Interest Company (CIC) registered in Belfast – Northern Ireland (UK). 

Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark

The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark is the innovation division in the Region of Southern Denmark. Our vision is to create innovative solutions to be used in everyday life.

In the fields of health innovation, funding, cross-sector and public-private partnerships, the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark aims to be the preferred partner.

By encouraging work in innovation and cross-sector and public-private partnerships, we want our services to foster positive developments within the fields of somatics, psychiatry, the social area and regional development.

HIMSS Europe + Health 2.0

HIMSS and Health 2.0 Europe will collocate the most influential digital health conference once again in 2019. Save the date in your diary and join us on 11–13 June next year in Helsinki, Finland, for your annual eHealth gathering in Europe. Reconnect with your peers and leaders from the industry to experience some of the most outstanding innovation in healthcare.


ImpleMentAll is a European collaboration towards faster and more effective implementation of eHealth interventions. The project’s raison d’être is founded on the notion that implementation of new services and technologies is time-consuming and costly – and often fails completely – not least in the healthcare domain. Solidly based in research, and in a collaboration spanning from all corners of Europe to Australia, the project will construct its answer to this widespread problem.

Odense University Hospital

Odense University Hospital and Svendborg Hospital (also known as OUH) is one of the four main hospital centres in Denmark, and is the largest hospital in the Region of Southern Denmark.

All medical specialties are covered in OUH's 52 clinical departments, and the hospital has over 1000 beds, 11,000 employees and an operating budget of approx. 835 million €/year. In spite of covering a wide array of patients ranging from simple procedures to complex and rare diseases, the average length of stay for patients is only 3,4 days.
OUH is a university hospital with research in all clinical areas – including medical technology - and highly specialised in a large number of fields: diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, allergies, pediatrics, infectious diseases, rheumatic and connective tissue disorders, to name but a few. OUH collaborates with researchers and practitioners worldwide to ensure that the latest knowledge and research is always applied.

In addition to performing high level clinical research, OUH is recognized as an international front runner in clinical innovation and telemedicine, and is part of a number of international networks and EU initiatives, among which the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) where OUH and the Region of Southern Denmark are a 4-star reference site. In Denmark, OUH is the leading hospital in using apps and digital solutions for both patient communication and staff workflows. More than 30,000 patients use the app My Patient Journey.

Psychiatry in the Region of Southern Denmark

Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark offers assessment, diagnosis and treatment to citizens with serious mental disorders. The care pathway is planned and carried out as expediently as possible in close and binding collaboration among the practice sector, the municipalities and the other healthcare services in the Region of Southern Denmark.

Departments and functions cover general psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, geronto-psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, psychiatric emergency rooms, psychiatric information centres and centres for survivors of trauma and torture.

Welfare Tech

Welfare Tech operates a national cluster in Denmark. It is a hub for innovation and business development in healthcare, home care and social services. Welfare Tech is a membership organisation with members from private industry, public organisations, and research and education institutions. Welfare Tech operates as a national entry point and test bed for international companies who want to enter the Danish and European markets.

Welfare Tech Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology

Welfare Tech Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology brings together leading Danish skills in the field of health and welfare technology in a national network empowering development, commercialization and exports of Danish health and welfare technology.

Invest in Odense

The City of Odense aims to attract the best companies to locate their business in Odense. Our goal is to be an engine of innovative growth supporting entrepreneurship and the growth of the companies located in our city.

The City of Odense creates growth through partnerships between businesses, organisations and people. Our strategy towards success includes helping new and existing companies to accelerate growth, offering a physical location that inspires and supports innovation.

The City of Odense focuses on Robotics, Healthcare Technology and Drones, in collaboration with companies and education institutes. We give you the opportunity to connect with relevant business partners and investors, in order to create a successful foundation for your company.

If you want to be a part of the future capital of Europe for start-ups and the development of robotic technology, then join the City of Odense. Connect, Collaborate, Create.

Syddansk Vaekstforum

Syddansk Vaekstforum has been appointed by the regional council, following recommendations from organisations, educational institutions and municipalities. The number of seats in Vækstforum is set at 21 in the Business Development Act. The South Danish Growth Forum also has one observer.

eHealth Hub

eHealth Hub is a new EU-funded initiative that is cross-border and exclusively focused on the digital health vertical. It will provide long-term support to the ecosystem stakeholders and address key challenges facing European SMEs in this space: fine-tuning a business model, securing investments, engaging the demand-side and accelerating commercialization, getting legal and regulatory guidance to develop solutions in compliance with a multi-layer complex framework.

eHealth Hub’s goal is to provide high-quality, vertically-focused and business-oriented services tailored to the needs of European eHealth SMEs and stakeholders, and to secure their continuation after the project end via a sustainable support structure.