City of Odense

Odense is Denmark's third largest city with more than 200,000 inhabitants and has the advantage of being located in the heart of Denmark.

Odense gathers some of Denmark’s most interesting activities within robotics and health tech and that makes Odense a great meeting point. We provide strong public support to new investors and companies that relocate to Odense, and every day more than 1 million Euro is invested in infrastructure, growth & construction to transform Odense into an internationally renowned city of knowledge.

Region of Southern Denmark

The Region of Southern Denmark is one of five administrative units in Denmark. The Region is, among others, responsible for healthcare, social institutions, and regional development. The primary responsibility of the Region of Southern Denmark is healthcare, which implies responsibility for hospital services, psychiatry, health insurance, general practitioners, and specialists. Furthermore, the Region runs a number of social institutions.

The Region of Southern Denmark consists of 22 municipalities, and has 1, 2 million citizens. The administrationof the Region of Southern Denmark is located in the city of Vejle.

The Region of Southern Denmark is the largest workplace in the region, employing around 25,000 people – mainly health professionals. The Region of Southern Denmark has an annual budget of DKK 20.3 billion.

Welfare Tech

Welfare Tech operates a national cluster in Denmark. It is a hub for innovation and business development in healthcare, home care and social services. Welfare Tech is a membership organisation with members from private industry, public organisations and research and education institutions. Welfare Tech operates as a national entry point and test bed for international companies who want to enter the Danish and European market.

Odense University Hospital

Odense University Hospital (OUH) is one of the three university hospitals in Denmark. Here all medical specialities are represented in one place.

OUH is one of the largest education and training centres in the Region of Southern Denmark, and we have a close collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark - Campus Odense.

Healthcare DENMARK

Healthcare DENMARK is your gateway to Danish healthcare excellence and innovation. Healthcare DENMARK’s goal is not to sell or promote specific products or solutions, but to convey and communicate strongholds and the efficiency of Danish healthcare solutions and innovations that have contributed to and continuously future-proof Danish healthcare. Denmark is already an international front runner in the field, and Healthcare DENMARK supports this leading position and promotes Danish visibility internationally.

“In the coming years the Municipality of Odense faces several challenges related to health services and elderly care. Therefore, we need to find new solutions and new ways of cooperating, to ensure a coherent patient care and the best possible rehabilitation and care of our elderly. Future welfare and health technologies are presented and discussed at WHINN 2018 and some of them may help solve some of the challenges we face” says Gitte Østergaard, CEO of the Department of Elderly and Disabled in Odense.


University of Southern Denmark

SDU Business gathers all vocational activities of the University with the intention of strengthening the interaction between the surrounding society and, in particular, the companies located in the Region of Southern Denmark.

We work proactively by reaching out to companies, facilitating the transmission of technologies, business partnerships and courses relevant to private companies and public organizations, career counselling to students and  establishing contact between companies and our students.