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Explore business opportunities within innovative supply chain management
Denmark is in the process of building 16 new highly specialised hospitals with state-of-the-art health IT infrastructure. This is a unique opportunity for foreign companies to do business and develop new solutions, which can accommodate the future challenges. 

A safe and efficient supply chain makes up the backbone in a well-functioning Danish healthcare sector and is of vital importance to meet the future challenges. In partnership with Invest in Denmark, WHINN 2017 – a week of health and innovation in Denmark – offers you the unique opportunity to meet Danish healthcare stakeholders and present them with new innovative solutions within supply management. 

Challenges equals opportunities
The Danish healthcare sector needs to increase efficiency and productivity in order to be able to treat more patients without increasing cost. Therefore, rethinking safe and efficient supply chains, which encompass new as well as already well-established hospitals, is an important priority. In general, there is a strong focus on hospital logistics in Denmark, which has played an important role in achieving a 30 % increase in hospital productivity since 2003.

The overall ambition is to enhance coherence in the supply chain and improve the interaction between logistical and clinical processes. This requires the creation of a foundation for hospital logistics upon which, it is possible for suppliers to cooperate in order to develop joint solutions both inside and outside hospitals and eventually across hospitals and administrative units.

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Located in the city of Odense in Southern Denmark, WHINN is one week with conferences, side events, exhibition, matchmaking and networking activities - all within health and innovation.

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