Large-scale Telemedicine Deployment in Denmark

Large-scale telemedicine deployment in Denmark – A look at the results and the questions people are afraid to ask (In Danish)

Wednesday October 5th the Centre for Innovative Medical Technology will host a national conference around the topic of large-scale telemedicine deployment in Denmark. 

In recent years a number of telemedicine services for patients with chronic conditions have been implemented at large scale in the Danish regions and comprehensive evaluations have been carried out. It is now time to join the researchers and practitioners involved in each of these projects to collect insights and experiences gained, and form a shared understanding of both positive results and the not-so-positive aspects that have come from these large implementation processes. Based on this discussion, the conference hopes to shed lights on both opportunities and challenges and give recommendations about future large-scale telemedicine initiatives in Denmark.


Centre for Innovative Medical Technology at Odense University Hospital and University of Southern Denmark


We would be happy to receive your registration before September 20th if at all possible!