Is Music the new Medicine without Side Effects?

Get a first hand impression of the possibilities, explore the music universe, and join us to discuss about new technological music intervention solutions could be a contender in an innovative medicine without side effects.

Man has used music in the tens of thousands of years. The Greek philosopher Plato believed that music was primarily used to express aggression, defence, persuasion and to create social harmony. When we listen to music today the pleasurable aspect is mainly highlighted, but the music can do more than just get you in a good mood – music naturally affects the brain and body's physiology, and has thus unique health benefits. The question is whether detailed insight into how music affects our brain and body together with new technology solutions can help alleviate widespread diseases as stress, chronic pain, and poor sleep?

In the health sector there is great attention to how the environment contributes to the well-being and rehabilitation. Results from the last ten years of research have shown that music interventions, i.e. deliberate use of music to influence patients is an effective treatment for both physical and mental illnesses. Music cannot substitute for good medical treatment, but can be complementary for more individualized and effective treatment. In addition to this exposure to music is usually enjoyable and without side effects, cheap, easy to use and can be adapted to individual preferences. Despite the music's effect on the body and brain are well documented, and that the range of technology platforms and products specialized for music is great, there are very few scientific evidence-based solutions and commercial music interventions are often based on anecdotal knowledge.


Danish Sound and Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology