Infection Control and Innovation – New Solutions to Old problems?

Infection control and innovation – New solutions to old problems?

 - Opposites attract? Combining basic infection control methods and highly advanced innovation in modern healthcare

Conference in Odense, October 6th 2016.

Infection control in hospitals is an area in continuous development. Innovative hospital constructions and technology developments are bringing in new possibilities for infection control but also pose new challenges in the field. At the conference we wish to examine aspects of this duality. Which of the new technologies actually delivers an answer to a known problem and which are superfluous demonstrations of design and technology that can do more harm than good when it comes to infection control? Are we addressing the real problems of infection control? And how do we ensure that proper infection control measures are taken when implementing new technology such as surgical robots?

The 1-day conference event in Odense seeks to examine these questions and give room for discussion and networking. The purpose is specifically to bring together people from different areas who all work in the field of infection control, from scientists and researchers to practitioners in hospitals and technicians and vendors from the industry. There is an identified need for technology experts to learn more about infection control standards and likewise for experts in this field to gain more insight into the pros and cons of the many new solutions they are constantly presented with. Innovation is both necessary and inevitable, but we have to find the right solutions to the right problems. 


Centre for Innovative Medical Technology and Department of Clinical Microbiology at Odense University Hospital