Igniting your health and social care startup with seed and venture capital

Get hands on practical information in this half day conference on seed and venture capital in health- and social care. The conference includes a Pitchfire – startups and young companies pitch their idea and products to investment professionals.

- a what to, what not to and how to

About conference

Young companies, startups and other attendees will be introduced to the landscape of seed and venture capital funding in healthcare and social innovation. Seen both from a Danish and international perspective we discuss pros and cons of Venture Capital. With his American background keynote, Shomit Ghose, attempts to give his view on Venture Capital opportunities. This includes personal tips on how Danish startups could go about Venture Capital funding.

His story will be followed by three presentations and discussions. First contribution is from the Danish seed and venture capital organization Welfare Tech Invest. Second is the company Corporate Health that has developed a camera pill that screens patients for colorectal cancer. Third and last contribution is the announcement of a new national growth-initiative. Scale-up Denmark is an ambitious training concept for entrepreneurs and small enterprises. One of the Scale-up Denmark hubs will focus on Health and Welfare Technology.

A panel of highly qualified VC judges will end the conference by judging a 2 min pitch battle between startups in a pitchfire. After each company pitch, the judging panel will offer feedback and pose additional questions for presenters. After the last pitch the judges announce a winner and a runner-up.



Invest in Odense

Welfare Tech

Regional Development at Region of Southern Denmark