Healthcare From Your Livingroom - Healthcare On-Demand

Healthcare from your living room

The increasing demand for devices and apps that enable healthcare from your living room, have put growth on the mHealth industry; by 2017 the global mHealth market value is estimated to be 17.6 billion €.

We have invited a team of national and international experts to discuss how to deliver a sustainable mHealth solution that fits the rising demand and expectations from patients, professionals and the national healthcare systems.

We’ll focus on the necessary conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to develop a sustainable mHealth solution.

mHealth and interaction design

Interaction design is an increasingly important part of delivering present and future mHealth solutions. We‘ll discuss how different technologies enables communication across different solutions and different manufacturers (interoperability), and also the necessary conditions for communication between patient and doctor when it is mediated through technology (usability engineering).

Hear the expert’s opinion

We have asked experts to share their thoughts on the following topics related to mHealth:

* The mHealth Ecosystem

* Tele Psychiatry and mHealth

* IoT, trends and technology in mHealth



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