Data & Genomics: Realizing the Nordic “Data Goldmine” - Early Bird Price

Precision medicine or personalized health depends on good data and genomics. The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is preparing a conference on “Data & Genomics: Realising the Nordic “Data Goldmine”.

Health will be disrupted by the potential of molecular and digital data, especially when in combination with advances in the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, robotics and nano technology.

The Nordic Countries ( Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Åland) have collected a vast amount of social and health data that can be considered a research, development and commercial gold mine – and even be a of use in both individual health and population health. But we do not see this data used enough; is there a need for such data, what can it benefit and where are the bottlenecks?

  • What are the possibilities with Genomics & Data for health?
  • What do we need to develop and/or change to make genomics more applicable?
  • How do we “set the data free” so it can be used efficiently and effectively?
  • Can the Nordic Region become a driver for data-driven genomic health models? 

The conference will be organized with the following four sessions 

  • Genomics, ICT & Data in Present and Future Health
  • Danish/ Nordic Health and Social Data
  • Activating the Danish Data Goldmine for Health and Genomics – who are the enablers?
  • Data Ownership


Copenhagen Institute For Futures Studies


Middle Price until 1th September: DKK 3750/ EUR 500

Late Price after 1th September: DKK 4375/ EUR 580