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WHINN - Week of Health and INNovation

 Save the date for WHINN 2017

10th - 12th October

WHINN 2016 has finished – Now the work begins

Following three great days with lots of networking, innovative solutions and conferences, WHINN 2016 has come to an end. 

Spread out on three days from the 4th – 6th October, WHINN 2016 was a great mixture of separate conferences, speeches from some of the world’s leading men and women within healthcare, and exhibitions of new and innovative solutions and inventions. From nausea-prohibiting ice-cream directed towards pregnant women to mhealth inventions that allow patients to receive treatment at home in their own living room – these were among many of the inventions that in the future can help both citizens, patients and the overall healthcare system.

1369 people joined in and all came with similar goals; to be inspired in their work, be introduced to new solutions and meet new people who might be able to help them in future business ventures and collaborations.

As WHINN 2016 closes its curtains, the work towards the future begins. Themes of collaboration and co-creation were mentioned on all conferences during WHINN this year. Collaborating and co-creating between professions and across borders is something we can become even better at and hopefully WHINN 2016 has helped such collaborative efforts to get started.

We hope to see all participants again next year – hopefully with lots of experiences to share and knowledge to give.

Save the date for WHINN 2017 10th - 12th October 2017

City of Odense and the Region of Southern Denmark welcomes you.

What is WHINN then? Please visit the pages in this website and learn more.



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WHINN 2016 has finished - Now the work begins
Following three great days, WHINN 2016 has come to an end.

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